Lies! Lies! Lies!

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The Opened Door: Prologue

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SUMMARY: Two boys from dissimilar backgrounds, one trying to stay out of jail, the other privileged and seemingly destined for greatness. Thrown together by chance and only imperfectly aware of just how much they need one another, the boys struggle to connect across the many divides that separate them and slowly begin to recognize they may share more in common than they could have ever imagined. And yet whether they’ll be able to overcome their fears, doubts and insecurities and open up to each other remains to be seen.

WARNING: This story is a work of adult fiction and intended for mature audiences only. Unless otherwise noted, all of the characters in the story are fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. While some of the places described or mentioned in the story are fictional as well, others may be real. However, some liberties may have been taken with the truth to enhance the story. Please note that the story may describe, depict or otherwise include graphic portrayals of relationships between men and/or adolescent boys that are homosexual in nature. If you do not like or approve of such discussions or it is illegal for you to read such material, consider yourself warned. If you continue to read this story, you are asserting you are fully capable of understanding and legally consenting to reading a work of adult fiction.

NOTICE: This story is my property and protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. It may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission. You may download a single copy to read offline and to share with others as long as you credit me as the author. However, you may not use this work for commercial purposes or to profit from it in any way. You may not use any of the characters or fictional places in the story in your own work without my explicit permission. Nor may you use, alter, transform, or build upon the story in any way. If you share this story with others, you must make clear the terms under which it is licensed to them. The best way to do that is by linking to this web page.

NOTES: Please check these notes every week. If there’s something I want to alert you to as I post each chapter, this is where I will I do so. In this brief introduction to the story, you’ll meet one of its two main characters, an 18 year old boy named Sean. As most of the prologue takes place inside his mind, I’ll just set the stage by telling you that the prologue takes place late one evening on a college campus in a prominent New England community in contemporary America. The character narrating the prologue is running as fast as he can for reasons that will become evident soon enough. As with all of my stories, italics are typically used to let you know what a character is thinking or saying to himself.



Faster, dude, faster, the inner voice urged.

You need to run faster, Sean!

You need to get to the Yard.

I was panting now, gasping; my heart was pounding, my lungs about to explode. Knowing what was at stake, the last thing I needed was any gratuitous advice.

“Shut the fuck up,” I screamed. “I’m running as fast as I can.”

And yet, determined to have its say, the inner voice refused to be silenced.

You won’t like jail, Sean; you won’t like it at all. You know that.

You need to run faster dude.

You need to get to the Yard and down to the Square.

It wasn’t like the advice being offered was wrong, but what I really needed right about now was a rest; a moment to catch my breath. And yet how do you rest with the prospect of jail staring you in the face?

I mean, everyone knows what happens when you’re eighteen years old and they toss you in jail with a bunch of old dudes who’ve been locked up forever.

I would end up in a cell with some redneck from Dixie, some big burly dude named Bubba who had a tattoo of the Confederate battle flag carved into his sagging potbelly; and having been in jail for a long time and missing the little woman like he did, Bubba would invite me to be his girlfriend the moment the guards disappeared.

He might even ask politely at first, but it wouldn’t take long before I’d detect a growing sense of urgency in his voice. He would become more insistent once he knew for sure the two of us were alone.

Just thinking about that caused me to shudder.

You need to run faster, dude!

You need to get through the Yard and blend in with the crowd down by the T.

You’re not going to like jail, Sean. You’re not going to like it at all.

It wasn’t going to jail that bothered me so much. I had known the risks going in and was pretty certain I could do the time. I mean, how much worse could it be than working for Tony and Warren after all?

And yet now, face to face with the possibility, I realized just how hard it would be for the people I loved.

My mother would cry the moment she heard I was in jail. Then she would cry again every time she thought about me after that. She would be crying pretty much all of the time once she found out and I felt bad just thinking about that.

Knowing I had been stupid enough to get caught, Kevin would laugh; at least he would laugh at first. Later on he would be disappointed in me. He would be pretty disappointed, no doubt about it.

Bubba would be there to comfort me, of course, but he wouldn’t care how much I had hurt the people I loved. His attention would be focused entirely elsewhere, almost surely on my butt and what he had planned for it.

I was pretty certain I wouldn’t like being his girlfriend. Being obese and hairy, the dude would sweat a lot and his personal hygiene would undoubtedly leave something to be desired.

Let’s be honest, Sean. Bubba is going to stink and that’ll make the whole thing even nastier.

I could consider declining, of course; that was an option. But you’d have to be blind not to notice just how much bigger than me Bubba was. If I said no or tried to resist, he’d just end up beating me to a bloody pulp and doing what he had been planning to do all along.

Resistance would be futile.

So there I would be, alone in a jail cell with Bubba; and having decided not to resist, it wasn’t like he would take very long debating the possibilities.

If I was fortunate, he might just invite me to suck his dick. That was definitely a possibility. With my luck, however, I was pretty certain my butt would interest him more.

If so, he would probably make me get down on my hands and knees, then fuck me from behind the way those big old dogs of his did it back home in Dixie. Although there was also a possibility he would want to do me missionary style, the way he did it with his real girlfriend back home in Mobile; the one he was missing so much.

Either way, it wasn’t like I would have any say in the matter.

Not that I had anything against sex between dudes, of course, at least not in principle. This was Cambridge after all. There were tons of gay people in Cambridge. I had friends who were gay and Kevin was gay and I was gay myself after all, at least technically gay.

I mean, I liked boys. I had figured that out a long time ago. Unlike Kevin, however, I had never actually had sex with a boy. Kev had, at least I suspected he had.

Kevin was my younger brother, just fourteen years old but smart as a whip. I loved him more than anyone else in the world. As brothers go, we were tight; a lot tighter than most.

But he could be a pain in the ass at times; and there was nothing he liked better than taunting me about what he and his little friend might be doing after school every day while I was working my butt off up at the Square.

He had never actually said what they were doing, but he had said enough to make me suspicious; and knowing I was a virgin myself made it even more frustrating.

But I still loved him no matter how annoying he was at times.

Kev had told me he was gay two years earlier when he was twelve. Being gay myself, I had already figured that out on my own; and yet it made me proud he was comfortable enough to confide in me like that.

He didn’t know I was gay, of course, at least not for sure. He thought I was, but I always denied it. Not because I was ashamed of being gay; I wasn’t. It was just better that way.

I could protect Kevin better if he didn’t know the truth; if no one knew.

Not that my denials did very much good. He didn’t believe me no matter what I said; and once he told me he was gay, he was after me all the time to have sex with him.

That would have been easy enough because the two of us shared a room in the apartment my parents rented; and, Lord knows, both of us were horny all the time so that wasn’t an issue.

But what kind of a big brother would I have been if I had done something like that; had sex with my own little brother?

Truth be told, I didn’t want to have sex with Kevin. Not because he wasn’t cute enough, mind you; Kevin was incredibly cute, the cutest fourteen-year old boy in Cambridge, at least I thought so.

But it just didn’t seem right for some reason. You know what I mean?

What I really wanted to be was a good example for Kev; not his boyfriend, but someone he could look up to. He already had a boyfriend and a cute one at that.

But that didn’t stop him from getting on my case all the time about the two of us having sex. If anything, he was even hornier than me.

We would be alone in our room late at night; and being eighteen years old and not having a boyfriend, there were things I needed to take care of.

I would try to be quiet about it, but somehow he always knew the moment I started.

“I hear the sheets rustling,” he would say. “Are you jerking off again, Sean?”

It was annoying; annoying as hell, him always knowing like that.

“Shut the fuck up you little perv,” I’d say.

“Why should I?” he’d respond.

“Because I’m going to come over there and fuck that little ass of yours if you don’t; that’s why”.

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you, Sean? You’d love fucking my ass. Both of us know that; and you call me a perv?”

“I call you a perv because you’re always telling me you’re a perv, you little perv. It’s your favorite word.”

“I love you, too, Sean, but you know what they say.”

“No, I don’t know what they say, Kevin. What do they say?”

“They say vice is nice, but incest is best. You should try it sometime. You’d enjoy it, Sean. I know you would.”

“Shut the fuck up you little perv.”

“No, you shut the fuck up.”

And on and on it would go like that until I finally gave up, unsatisfied.

It was frustrating; frustrating as hell!

So, yeah, Kev could be annoying at times, no doubt about it, but I still loved him no matter how annoying he was.

He was my brother after all, my little brother, and he meant everything to me.


Jesus, Sean, what the hell was that little memory dump all about? I recall thinking as I raced through the gate and into the Yard.

You need to concentrate, dude; you need to run faster.

How proud do you think Kevin will be if you’re in jail the next time he sees you?

And yet, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t run any faster. I was already running as fast as I could and by now I was totally exhausted.

God damn it! This freaking backpack weighs a ton.

The voice was quick to agree.

You should dump it, Sean. You should dump it right now.

No way, I replied, sternly, knowing the voice was right.

I mean, here I was, trying to escape campus security; I was running as fast as I could knowing the backpack with all the marijuana was slowing me down. So, yeah, I would have preferred dumping the thing given how much it weighed; and yet there was no way in hell I was going to do something stupid like that.

How the fuck would you ever repay the bastards who advanced it to you, Sean?

My suppliers had been providing the stuff upfront to me for a minimal down payment for eight months now and I was into them big time financially for this latest delivery. This was the biggest stash I had ever scored from them and there was no way they would be happy if I decided to dump it.

And they were the kind of dudes you wanted to keep happy after all. They were always providing dealers like me with little reminders of that; gruesome pictures of former, uh, associates who had crossed them previously and were no longer around to do it again.

They loved passing those pictures around.

So that pretty much settled the thing as far as I was concerned. No matter how heavy it was or how much it slowed me down, there was no way in hell I was going to dump the freaking backpack.

I was going to have to find some other way to elude campus security.

Racing past University Hall and the statue of the dude for whom the place was named, I took a sharp left and angled southeast toward the stairs that led up to Widener Library. Not that I was headed there, of course; that would have been stupid given the guards who would have greeted me inside at the entrance.

I knew there were guards inside Widener because I had visited the place once before out of curiosity and they had sent me away, curiosity unsatisfied.

What I was trying to decide at the moment was whether I should head for the gate near Lamont or duck between Houghton and Widener and try for one of the exits on to Massachusetts Avenue.

Not that it was clear the choice mattered very much, of course; by now the cops pursuing me would have alerted headquarters and campus security would be moving to close all the Yard exits, trapping me inside.

Still, it’s always nice to think you have a choice, however small it might be.

You need to decide now, Sean; you need to decide right away.

Thinking about it, I knew the gate near Lamont was up a slight rise and out in the open. If cops were already waiting there, I wouldn’t have any choice except to turn around and head back into the Yard, probably into waiting arms; and the Lamont gate was further away from Harvard Square and the T, of course.

So I chose the path between Houghton and Widener because Widener was huge and I was hoping I would blend into its walls in the darkness.

Stopping momentarily to catch my breath before I reached the end of the building, I looked around to see whether there was some obvious place to hide.

Nothing looked promising.


This is looking grim, dude. You’re fucking doomed.

They’re going to catch you and you’re going to end up spending the night in jail with Bubba.

Slumping to the ground, I decided to take a break momentarily. I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

How did it come to this, Sean?

Why are you such a loser?

Enveloped by darkness, I recall letting my mind drift off momentarily.


14 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I’m not sure if you’re a tease or a jerk…lol! I’m into it Kit … looking forward to more but mad at you for leaving me hanging! 😉 thanks Kit!

    1. I’m probably both, Jordan, but I like to think of myself more as a tease.

      Kit snaps handcuffs into place to leave Jordan hanging … and vulnerable to whoever happens along and is in the mood for some fun 🙂

      1. I am, Dick. I’m shameless 🙂

        But think of it this way. I didn’t have to give you sneak peek. I could have just waited until next month before posting the prologue. So, yes, I am a tease, but I’m a humanitarian as well. I’m giving people a taste so they can decide whether they want to come back for more in July.

  2. Well you have me intrigued. I hope he gets away. I can’t wait to read the backstory on him. What made Sean start dealing? Who is he wanting to protect his brother from? Anyone in particular or just in general? Too bad he feels he can’t tell his brother he is gay, tho the brother probably knows and teases him because he won’t tell him.

  3. OK you have got me hooked ! Did he get away (if he didn’t it could be a very short story) if he did what happened next ? I will be at least one guy waiting for your postings. Enjoy your break, then back to it !

    1. This one is going to be shorter than Connected and Summer Boy, Summer Dreams, Steve, but I doubt it’ll be that short. In any event, thanks for taking a look and be sure to come back next month. I can’t afford to lose any more readers 🙂


  4. All I can say is WOW, I cannot wait for the story to start being posted. So far this is a great story. I hope you get some time off of life and just relax and not worry about people who want more now or your employment that may be stressing. I hope you have a good time when you are doing whatever it is your going to do.

    1. Thanks, James. I’m glad you liked how it started. I’m a little worried that the early part of the story could end up boring people. If they stick with it though, I think they’ll enjoy it.

      I’m looking forward to getting away and you might even say I’ll be doing some research for a story … might be this one, might be another … but like Jordan says I’m a tease so I’m not saying. But, yeah, I have my fair share of stress and some of it comes from not wanting to disappoint my readers. So it’s nice to hear you and others enjoyed the sneak preview.

      See you next month … I hope.

  5. You need to develop more self-esteem, Kit. Your stories have been most entertaining, and in my uneducated assessment, publishable. This new offering shows the same promise. You always make me wish the installments were longer and followed more quickly. This, I’m sure, holds the same promise. Great to have you back with a new story. Thanks, Kit.

    1. Nice to hear from you, George, and glad to see you back for another helping.

      I think a writer, especially someone new to writing, has to be hard on himself. I no longer hold out much hope of publishing anything the traditional way and I don’t think that bothers me too much anymore. But having a professional editor, someone who does that for a living, would be nice, especially with this story since I’ve struggled with it and will probably continue to do so until the very last chapter. Sometimes an author is just too close to a story to see what needs to be done exactly to make it better and that’s probably the case for me here.

      Still, if you stick with it all the way through, I think you’ll like the story overall even if you feel like there were parts that could have been done better; at least that’s my take on it at the moment. But maybe those weekly deadlines will concentrate my mind and make for a better story 🙂

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