Chapter 15

Lies! Lies! Lies!

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SUMMARY: Two boys from dissimilar backgrounds, one trying to stay out of jail, the other privileged and seemingly destined for greatness. Thrown together by chance and only imperfectly aware of just how much they need one another, the boys struggle to connect across the many divides that separate them and slowly begin to recognize they may share more in common than they could have ever imagined. And yet whether they’ll be able to overcome their fears, doubts and insecurities and open up to each other remains to be seen. Please note that italics are typically used to indicate what a character is thinking or saying to himself.

WARNING: This story is a work of adult fiction and intended for mature audiences only. Unless otherwise noted, all of the characters in the story are fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. While some of the places described or mentioned in the story are fictional as well, others may be real. However, some liberties may have been taken with the truth to enhance the story. Please note that the story may describe, depict or otherwise include graphic portrayals of relationships between men and/or adolescent boys that are homosexual in nature. If you do not like or approve of such discussions or it is illegal for you to read such material, consider yourself warned. If you continue to read this story, you are asserting you are fully capable of understanding and legally consenting to reading a work of adult fiction.

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NOTES: Please check these notes every week. If there’s something I want to alert you to as I post each chapter, this is where I will I do so. November 9, 2015: Chapter 15 is narrated by Sean.


Chapter 15

I had just left the house the next morning on my way to Wigglesworth when I heard Kevin shouting behind me.

“Sean! Hold on a sec.”

I stopped and waited for him to catch up; once he had, he shoved a brown paper bag into my hands.

“What’s this, little brother,” I asked, curious.

“It’s a box of condoms and a tube of K-Y,” Kevin responded. “I bought the condoms a few months ago and Bobby, uh . . . um, well, let’s just say he expropriated the K-Y from his older sister’s bedroom when she wasn’t around.”

“I’ve been keeping them hidden in case, um . . . in case, you know, Bobby and I ever decide to, uh, you know, do that. But I figured you and Holden might need them more than me and Bobby right now.”

Opening the bag, I peered in. He wasn’t joking. Just looking at the stuff made me laugh.

“We’re not going to do that tonight, Kevin,” I said, tousling his hair. “At least I don’t think we’re going to do it. We may not do very much other than sleep in the same bed together.”

“You never know, Sean,” he replied. “The two of you might get a little frisky tonight and it would be good to be prepared. I’m assuming you know safe sex basics; if not, I can give you a quick lesson right now. You and Holden need to play safe. I don’t want my older brother turning up HIV-positive because he lost control of his hormones and made a mistake.”

“That’s what little brothers are for, you know,” he added; “to protect their dumb older brothers.”

“I appreciate it, Kevin,” I said, smiling at him. “I really do. For being a perv, you’re the best little brother in the world.”

“Yeah, I am; and don’t you forget it either. You already owe me big time for all the free counseling I give you and there’ll be hell to pay if I find out you guys did something stupid tonight.”

“I’ll be sure to tell Holden that,” I said.

“You do that, Sean; and you tell him I’ll be coming after him if he doesn’t treat my big brother just right.”

“Thanks, Kevin,” I replied, wrapping my arms around him and giving him a hug.

“Hey; what’s this shit all about,” he said, squirming loose from my grasp.

“It’s about letting you know I love you, Kevin.”

“Well, yeah, sure; I love you too, Sean,” he replied. “But let’s not get all goofy about it.”

With that he turned and ran back to the house.

How did you luck out having a brother like that, Sean? I recall thinking


It was much later in the day when Holden and I finally boarded the T into Boston.

We had taken another walk together down by the Charles and then spent the rest of the afternoon in his room. He was studying and I played on the computer while he did, figuring out where that professor of his lived and how to get there the easiest way; and then looking at some sites on the web I probably shouldn’t have. I mean, I felt like I needed a little online tutorial before the evening arrived.

We got to the professor’s place around 4:50 p.m. He lived in a high rise in one of Boston’s more fashionable neighborhoods. After calling up to be let in, Holden punched the button for the elevator and it sped us to the top of the building. He rang the bell and the door quickly swung open.

“Holden, great to see you,” the dude said, grabbing his shoulder and shaking his hand vigorously.

“And this must be Sean,” he added, doing the same to me. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Sean. Holden speaks highly of you; and, of course, any fan of the Red Sox is welcome in my humble abode. Come in, both of you.”

He had a smile on his face I found reassuring and a warm and engaging personality that quickly put me at ease once inside. And yet, looking around, I quickly realized his place was far from humble. I had never seen anything quite like it. It had a sunken living room with hardwood floors and a wall of glass that looked out on the city. The place was tastefully furnished and had the most comfortable chairs and couch I had ever sat on in my life.

I can’t even recall what we talked about, just that I liked the dude the moment I saw him. I was even more surprised by dinner. He served us steaks, mashed potatoes that were creamy, not lumpy, and vegetables that hadn’t been overcooked like I was used to at home. Steak was something we never had at my house and he had cooked the thing perfectly.

I remember devouring it and reminding myself to thank Holden for twisting my arm into accepting the invitation for dinner.

When we were finished, the Professor quickly cleaned up the table while Holden and I looked around his place. Even on a second glance, it was fantastic. The view of the Boston skyline became more compelling as the sun began its slow descent to the west.

Inside, the walls were covered with artwork that looked expensive, but there was a solitary picture of him when he was much younger with another young man about the same age. They had their arms around each other’s shoulders and were smiling. The two of them didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

Holden must have noticed me looking because he came over.

“He has a smaller version of the exact same picture in his office,” he whispered. “I’ve often wanted to ask him who that other boy is.”

Right about then Professor Jeffords joined us in the sunken living room.

“This is a great picture of you, Professor Jeffords,” I said, emboldened. “Do you mind if I ask who that other young man is?”

“No; I don’t mind,” he replied. “The only thing I mind is being called Professor Jeffords. This is my place and here the only name people call me is Sam. That’s one of the rules of the house; I’m going to ask you and Holden to respect it. As for that good looking young man, his name is Andy; Andy Blanchard.”

“We were roommates at Harvard when we went to school here years ago; and then in graduate school as well. More than roommates really; we were soul mates who shared the same passion for changing the world. I ended up trying to do that by teaching. He ended up in Washington on Capitol Hill.”

“I admire Andy more than just about anyone else in the world. He’s spent his whole life fighting for all the right things. He still does even now although both of us have to be careful whenever we talk these days what with the government spying on everyone.”

“Honestly, it seems like things are getting worse in this country at times, not better, what with politicians having so little respect for the Constitution and the government out of control. But Andy is usually able to buck me up and send me back into the fray whenever I get too depressed.”

“He and his husband, Tommy, usually spend a couple of weeks up here every summer with me. They’ve been together for too many years to count although it was only a couple of years ago they were finally able to marry.”

“That’s one of the things that helps keep hope alive for me, the fact they were finally able to get married; and more importantly still, the fact they’ve stayed together all these years and still love one another as much as they do. It’s just an awesome love story, Andy and Tommy.”

“And one can only hope it’s a story that’s still possible from time to time,” he added, looking over at Holden and me. “I hope so.”

Is it that obvious? Can he tell just by looking at us?

“But enough; Fenway awaits us. We need to be on our way.”

With that he ushered us out to the elevator and quickly down to the street.


Fenway Park was crowded that evening. It was almost always sold out these days. The Red Sox had been on a tear and that night proved no different as they struck early and often against the Tigers. I enjoyed the game, of course, especially not having to pay; but what I enjoyed even more was debating some of the finer points of the game with Professor Jeffords that evening.

We agreed on most things, but occasionally some slight difference of opinion arose and it was fun taking the Professor on. Both of us were completely hard-headed when it came to the Red Sox; neither of us willing to admit we might possibly be wrong about anything.

He seemed to have a better grasp of the team’s history and often used it to back up his points. Baseball wasn’t a science he would say; instinct, intuition and the hunches of someone who had been involved with the game for years and seen everything under the sun counted more than anything else when it came to success on the field.

By contrast, I was better when it came to baseball statistics. I was a fan of sabermetrics and would back up my points with tons of data that he would casually dismiss whenever they conflicted with something he believed.

Sitting there jawing at one another from time to time, each of us tried to enlist Holden to back us up. But he was no help at all. Professor Jeffords would make his case and Holden would agree with him; and then I would make mine and he would agree with me. Fortunately, Professor Jeffords and I agreed most of the time and the rest of the time our disagreements were more playful than passionate.

Holden had told me how the man loved jousting with his students in the classroom and it was apparent he loved doing the same thing at Fenway Park.

I considered him a worthy opponent, just hopelessly old fashioned and not up to speed on the latest ways the experts looked at the game. But his passion for baseball made me realize just how right Holden had been about him and only intensified my respect for the man.

In the end, with the game finally over and another victory in the win column for the Sox, we made our way outside. There we stopped and chatted for a few moments before heading off for the T.

“That was the most fun I’ve had at a game in months,” Professor Jeffords said. “We’ll have to do it again and the sooner the better.”

“You did a real favor by introducing me to Sean, Holden,” he continued. “You were right; he knows his stuff, no doubt about it. I enjoyed jousting with him. He’s a rookie though. As you saw from our little debates, he still needs some seasoning when it comes to the game.”

“Not that you were ever right on those points we debated,” he said, turning to me. “But you made a good case for your position; not the right case, of course, just a good one, a plausible one.”

“If you’re as hard headed in class as you are about baseball, it’s a wonder your students know anything about history,” I shot back.

That made him smile.

“Could I make a suggestion?” Holden said, stopping our latest debate before it even got started. “I would love for Sean to see your office, Professor Jeffords. I’ve already told him it’s a shrine to the Red Sox, but you can’t even begin to fathom the thing unless you’ve seen it firsthand. Could I bring Sean over to your office on Monday so he could get a look at it?”

“Certainly,” Professor Jeffords responded. “It’s a pilgrimage any true Red Sox fan should make at least once. How about it, Sean? Would you like to see how a real fan pays homage to the Sox?”

“Um, well, sure,” I replied. “Unfortunately, I don’t get off work until 7 p.m. By that time you’re probably back at your place taking in that view of Boston. That’s what I’d do if I owned a place like yours. It was, uh, well, awesome to say the least.”

“Not a problem,” he said. “I’ll still be there by the time you get off work. Why don’t you and Holden meet me there after that?”

“That’s fine,” I said; “Holden’s mentioned it before and aroused my curiosity about it.”

“Then it’s settled,” Holden added. “Hopefully this’ll be a bigger surprise than Sean can even begin to imagine.”

“Let’s hope so,” Professor Jeffords said, smiling at us and then winking at Holden.

Hmm . . . I wonder what that’s all about.

By then we had reached Kenmore Station where the three of us boarded the train. Holden and I said our farewells to Professor Jeffords at the Park Street Station and then switched to the Red Line. Soon enough we were on our way back to Cambridge.

It had been a terrific evening; relaxing and fun. But now as the train approached Harvard Square, I found myself nervous, wondering what the remainder of the evening would bring.


When we finally got back to his room, I could tell Holden was nervous as well. The two of us talked about the game for a while. But since we had already talked about that on the trip back to Cambridge, we quickly exhausted the topic.

“Um, well, would you like something to drink?” Holden asked, nervously. “I, um, I have some water in a little refrigerator that should be cold if you want some?”

“Sure,” I responded.

Standing up, Holden walked over to the refrigerator while I followed behind him. Leaning over slightly, he was about to open the thing when I placed my hands on his hips and bumped my groin against his butt. I remember being surprised I had done it, but liking the feeling as well.

“I decided I want something else,” I said.

“And just what would that be?” he replied, turning his head and grinning at me.

“I want you, Holden,” I said. “I think you would be a lot more refreshing than a bottle of water.”

Then, spinning him around so we were facing one another, I gave him a quick little peck on his lips, just like Bobby had done with Kev.

That surprised me as well. I hadn’t expected to be quite so aggressive but I liked it, kissing him like that. I liked it a lot and I think he did so as well. Not knowing what else to do, he returned the favor and gave me a quick little peck on my lips.

We just stood there grinning at one another after he pulled back; and then the next thing I knew he was kissing me again. Only this time it wasn’t a quick little peck on the lips. He had placed his hands on both sides of my face and was kissing me hard, pushing his tongue through my lips and into my mouth and then exploring my mouth with his tongue.

It was awesome; more than awesome actually, incredible. I just stood there and let him do it, hoping he would never stop. I’m not sure how long we stood there like that, lips locked together, our hands exploring one another’s fully clothed bodies. However long it was, it didn’t seem long enough.

Finally, he pulled his tongue out of my mouth, stepped back, and just stood there grinning at me like some kind of idiot.

“That was pretty awesome, at least for me,” he finally said.

“It was awesome for me as well,” I replied.

“Um, I was thinking maybe we should take a shower,” he continued before I could say anything more. “You know; get cleaned up really good before we go to bed. Maybe it would help with the nerves. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m nervous.”

“Probably no more than me,” I responded. “But that’s a good idea. Do you want to go first or what?”

“Um, well, I was thinking, uh . . . you know . . . I was thinking maybe we could take a shower together,” he finally stammered, grinning at me still again. “I mean, I could wash you and you could wash me. If you’re comfortable with that, Sean; I mean I don’t want you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

“I wouldn’t have thought of that,” I confessed, “but that sounds like fun; lead on, Holden.”

Taking me by the hand, the two of us walked down the corridor to his room.

“I was thinking, um . . . thinking maybe I could take off your clothes and then you could take off mine. Would that be okay, Sean?”

“Sure,” I responded.

As I stood there staring at him, he started to tug at my shirt. I lifted my arms and it slid off easily enough, revealing my chest.

Omigod, I recall thinking. I can’t believe I’m letting him do this to me. He just stripped off your shirt, Sean; and he’s not going to stop there. He’s going to strip you totally naked.

I went hard just thinking about it.

“You have such an awesome chest, Sean,” he said, touching it momentarily with his hand and then reaching down and starting to fiddle with the belt buckle on my pants.

“Thanks,” I replied, nervously. “Um, I like your body, too, Holden; not just your chest, everything. Your skin is, um, I don’t know, different, I guess, smooth; brand new in a way, kind of like a baby’s and yet hard as well. Um, I guess that doesn’t make any sense. Sorry to be babbling on like this.”

By that time he had gotten my belt buckle open, then the button holding my pants in place. He started tugging my jeans gently down toward the floor.

“And just what is this, Sean?” he asked, gently touching my briefs as they struggled to contain what was trying so hard to escape.

“Darned if I know,” I responded, as both of us began giggling in unison.

“Oh crap,” Holden muttered. “I should have taken your shoes and socks off first.”

“Not a problem,” I said.

Leaning back against the wall, I kicked off one shoe, then the other, and let him pull off my socks. Then, looking up at me, he pulled my pants all the way down in a single swift motion.

Stepping out of them, I realized I was standing in front of him totally naked except for my briefs, which were completely tented up.

“Maybe we should leave our briefs on until we get to the bathroom,” I gasped, looking down and gulping at what I was seeing. “I seem to be experiencing, um . . . I seem to be trying to violate the laws of gravity there, Holden.”

“You’re not the only one,” he replied, standing up and returning my grin.

Looking over, I could see his pants were tented up as well. They were doing a better job containing the bulge than my briefs, but it would have been obvious to anyone who wasn’t blind and he was squirming because it was starting to get uncomfortable for him.

Looking at me, he pleaded for help.

“Darn, this is actually a little painful, Sean. Do you think you could help me out here?”

Then he stepped backed and leaned against the wall.

“Let’s get your shoes and socks off first,” I said. “Lift your foot.”

He did as I said. Kneeling in front of him, I removed one shoe and sock, then the others. Holding one of the socks against my nose, I sniffed.

“They’re not really stinky given how much walking we did today,” I said. “I like the smell.”

Then, recalling a picture from one of the web sites I had visited earlier that day, I lifted his right foot, kissed it quickly, and ran my tongue between two of his toes.

That sent a shudder through his body.

“Oh, jeez,” he groaned, almost toppling over. “That felt so good.”

“Let’s get the rest of these clothes off,” I said, standing back up.

He lifted his arms and allowed me to pull his shirt off, then the t-shirt he was wearing beneath it. I moved on to his pants swiftly and soon enough they were off as well.

By now I could see his briefs were as tented as mine.

“To the shower,” he said, giggling.

Taking me by the hand, he marched the two of us to the bathroom. When we got there, I turned around and kissed him, not a quick peck like I had done the first time but the same way he had kissed me the second time; passionately.

As my hands held his head in place, his started exploring my body, rubbing my back first, then my butt, and finally allowing one hand to run up and down the crack that separated my cheeks. It made me shiver.

Eventually he worked his lips free from mine.

“If we keep doing this, Sean, I won’t have the willpower to take a shower with you,” he said.

“Okay,” I responded, backing off.

Turning around, I opened the door to the shower and bent over slightly to turn on the water.

Seeing my butt outlined in the briefs I was wearing, he couldn’t resist. He bumped his groin against my butt, just like I had earlier done to him.

“Hey, none of that,” I said, giggling. “I told my little brother we weren’t going to do the butt stuff tonight.”

“Really?” he said, taken aback. “Um, well, I didn’t tell your little brother that so I’m thinking that promise of yours isn’t binding on me, Sean; at least not technically. Besides, I don’t think your little brother believed a word of it.”

“Oh yeah; what makes you think that?” I responded.

“I took a peek at that bag you brought over, Sean,” he replied, “the one you said you’re little brother gave you. You only have to look in that thing to realize he didn’t believe a word you said. Not that it matters in any event. Did you promise your brother anything about tomorrow?”

“No,” I replied.

“Well, if my calculation is right, tomorrow arrives in about twenty-six minutes,” he said, looking over at the clock. “Tomorrow your bum is mine.”

“Okay,” I said turning serious and staring at him. “If that’s what you want, you can have it.”

He looked startled when I said it, as if he wasn’t sure how to react to what I had just said.

We had never discussed what we might actually do once we got into bed. Not that I hadn’t thought about it; I had and I was pretty certain Holden had as well.

“Um, I don’t know, Sean,” he finally said. “Are you sure? I mean, to me you’re just so incredibly masculine and I’ve been assuming all along you would be the one who did it to me; at least did it first, if we did it at all. I’m okay with that and you don’t even have to reciprocate if you don’t want. I’m okay with whatever you want to do, Sean.”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“I am,” he said. “Not that I’m not masculine. I used to worry about that a little when I was younger, but I’m getting better about it.”

“You shouldn’t be worrying about it at all,” I replied, realizing there must still be a part of him that worried about it if he felt he needed to make the point. “We’re exactly the same, Holden; you’re as masculine as me and most people consider me a pretty masculine dude.”

“Um, well, thanks,” he said. “I appreciate that, especially coming from you, but I was just thinking maybe I should be the one to accommodate myself to you, Sean. You tossed me a curve, offering to let me do it to you without even asking whether I would reciprocate. It’s just a little confusing.”

“I want whatever you want, Holden,” I responded. “And I’ll do whatever you want to do. This isn’t baseball where one side wins and the other loses. I want to do whatever makes you feel good; and I know you feel the same way.”

“The truth is we don’t even have to do the butt stuff at all if either one of us is uncomfortable with that,” I continued. “I would be happy to spend the whole night just kissing you, Holden. I like kissing you.”

“I guess we should just wait and see what happens later on,” he responded. “It probably doesn’t make very much sense trying to plan everything in advance. Let’s take a shower and see what happens after that.”

With that we stripped off our briefs and climbed into the shower and that proved to be a most interesting experience as well.

Initially we cleaned one another with his body wash; surprisingly, neither of us was shy when it came to cleaning the other’s private parts. But the actual cleaning part of the shower didn’t take long and most of the time we just stood there kissing while the water splashed over us.

It just felt . . . I don’t know, exactly . . . so right, so perfect. You know what I mean?

Eventually we stepped out of the shower. Holden tossed me a towel and we stood there staring into each other’s eyes while we toweled one another dry.

Wrapping the towels around our waists, we walked back to his room. Once there, Holden made an effort to strip my towel off, one I was able to prevent easily enough. But it had made me giggle and hearing myself giggling I tried to do the same thing to him.

I wasn’t really trying that hard, but the next thing I knew both of us were on the floor; wrestling, laughing hysterically, trying to pin one another and get the towel each of us was wearing off.

Surprisingly, Holden was the more aggressive one, repeatedly lunging at me and trying to pin me. But I was able to use my arms to fend him off easily; me being on the wrestling team in high school, he never really stood much of a chance.

I could have pinned him pretty quickly if I wanted, but for whatever reason I chose not to for a long time. Like me, he was enjoying our little wrestling match so I was content to let it go on until our shared nervousness dissipated.

Finally, I pinned him face down on the floor and ripped off the towel he was wearing.

Having done so, he didn’t resist after that. He allowed my hands to explore his back and his butt. I was massaging them and he obviously liked what I was doing as much as I liked doing it.

He was sighing occasionally, even whimpering when I touched him in an especially sensitive place.

“This has to be the most fantastic back and butt in the world,” I finally volunteered.

“I bet you say that to all the boys,” he said.

“Actually, like I told you before, you’re the first boy I’ve ever done something like this with. I don’t know what it is with you, Holden, but I like everything about you, including your back and your butt.”

Then I leaned down and gave one of his butt cheeks a quick peck.

It caused him to moan.

I was thinking of what to do next when he rolled over, pulled me forward, and planted his face in my groin.

After that everything blurred together and I lost track of what we were doing. The only thing I really recall was how fantastic everything felt; and I think Holden must have been experiencing pretty much the same thing because he was moaning a lot and begging me not to stop.

At some point we found our way to his bed; and after taking turns pleasuring one another, we eventually discovered a position that allowed us to simultaneously share what we had been taking turns at earlier. It was an incredibly intense experience, at least for me; I tried to focus completely on making him feel good.

And yet even as his fingers played with my butt, his tongue and mouth teased me until I could no longer stand it and soon enough the inevitable happened; I exploded into his mouth. Almost simultaneously Holden experienced the same thing as me; it caught me by surprise and I swallowed quickly.

Later he would tell me it had been the most incredible experience of his life.

“You’re not alone, Holden,” I responded. “You’re definitely not alone.”

Eventually we spooned up together and I wrapped my arms around him. My hand played with his butt for a while and then eventually came to a rest on his thigh. The two of us fell asleep after that. As I drifted off, I remember thinking Kev had been right.

The whole thing had exceeded my fondest expectations.

To say it was the best night of my life wouldn’t really begin to describe it.

It was beautiful, incredibly beautiful.


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  1. This was a great chapter, Kit. The guys had a good time with the professor at the game, and learned more about him and themselves. Their first time together was incredibly tender and loving. I expect Sean and Holden to grow increasingly more important to one another. You have an amazing gift, Kit. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the positive review of the chapter, George. This one was much easier to write because it was the culmination of everything that happened before.

      The good news is the boys took the time to get to know one another; not having rushed into anything, they were ready for an evening like this.

      That’s not to say they weren’t nervous. They were. Dinner and the game helped take their minds off of things, but that little wrestling match before climbing into bed helped even more, I think.

      Whatever the case, I was happy for them.

  2. Wow once again you have written a great story. I loved that Sean enjoyed being with the Prof and could argue over the match. Even better was the love making between Holden and Sean. It is difficult to write about love making that is not just a description of sex. You have managed to write in a way that makes it clear they were making love, not just having sex and I must congratulate you on that.

    I really look forward to the description you will give when they finally have what you call “butt sex”

    1. Morning, Graham. It’s always great to wake up and see your comments waiting for me. Knowing you’re happy with a chapter gets my day off to a great start!

      The whole story has been about the two boys getting to know one another, Graham, and I think that helps a lot.

      By the time the evening rolled around, they genuinely wanted to make it a wonderful experience for each other; and because that was the case, it turned out to be a wonderful experience for each of them as well.

      It doesn’t get much better than that even though there may be other experiences they can share together in bed, including what Kevin likes to call butt sex. But, then again, Kevin is fourteen years old and boys that age have a pretty irreverent (although practical) attitude about most things.

      It’s only with age and experience that we really learn how to love.

  3. My turn to comment on TWO chapters!
    Both were incredibly engaging.
    I’m beginning to see the links that might make the spring-board into the next story.
    My postulation is that Jefford (my guess is that he has a terminal illness and no partner), the Sox ticket and the great Boston apartment might collide at some point …
    I haven’t read the rest of the story. I just like guessing!
    Edgar Allen Poe solved his stories by using sudden things like “ex machina” interventions.
    O. Henry used incredible subtlety. You can tell the one I prefer!
    Your stories are like the latter 🙂
    If you don’t know either … time for some extensive reading 😉
    In the meantime … do what you are doing!
    Great story-telling, Kit.

    1. Thanks, gopher; that’s pretty impressive company you’re putting me with.

      I know of Edgar Allen Poe and O. Henry, of course, and have read a little of their work. But when you’re writing, you don’t have time for much reading; and that’s probably a good thing as otherwise you might end up inadvertently taking things from what others have written.

      Even when you’re not trying, that can happen. I wanted to name the main character in Stuffed Landon for a specific reason, but that also turned out to the first name of a character my friend David Lee was using in his latest story on Nifty.

      Fortunately, David didn’t have a problem with me using Landon so that worked out okay; and I do try to stay away from ravens in my stories 😀

  4. You outdid yourself this chapter Kit,
    1. Love the callback to Andy and Tommy
    2. I don’t like baseball but your writing makes me want to take my dad to Fenway.
    3. You are one of my favorite authors because only you choose to, and have the skill to, avoid the crass number all of us would use and instead write this … “we eventually discovered a position that allowed us to simultaneously share what we had been taking turns at earlier.”

    Thanks for including us in your world.

    1. Very nice comment, Tim, very nice; I appreciate it. And of course you should take your dad to Fenway on some beautiful spring day next year; if you can afford it, I mean 😀

      I wanted people to know Andy and Tommy are still alive although older, of course; and I like it when people pick up on little things like that. Thanks for mentioning it.

      With some characters, in some situations, using the number would be appropriate; but in this story we’re dealing with young men who don’t have a lot of experience and who actually do love another and are still too young to be jaded. They’re not wired to think that way although they’re probably familiar with the term.

      But young love is different; it’s more insecure for one thing. So it may take a while for the boys to understand exactly what they have.

  5. Hi Kit
    I can only agree with the above comments. You are a wonderful writer.
    I have a feeling that the trip to the professor’s office to see the baseball display is only a
    ploy to get to the real reason.
    I have a feeling that the professor will explain to Sean how he can really afford to get a college degree based on his marks and the grant that he mentioned to Holden.

    1. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, Tom. People don’t understand, but it actually does help to know people like what you’re writing.

      I love it when my readers guess what’s going to happen next because that means they’ll want to come back to see whether they’re right.

      It doesn’t matter whether you’re right or wrong because you get another chance to do it all over again next week. But that’s a plausible guess as Professor Jeffords would say 🙂

  6. Kit, you are at your best when you take your readers back to an earlier time when we experienced the nervous first steps of love making. You so tenderly capture those tentative yet incredibly exciting moments we all enjoyed when we finally took the risk and allowed ourselves to fully express our affections for a special boy or young man. You are especially gifted in developing the tension, anxiety and exhilaration – even the scents – of our most memorable moments.

    I completely enjoyed reliving that youthful delight. Thanks, Kit.

    1. Thanks, Dean; I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. As I mentioned to someone else, writing this chapter proved easy. I think that’s because the groundwork had already been laid and it was just a question of the boys finally having the chance to show just how much they cared for one another.

      Understanding the characters isn’t always easy, even for me. In the end, they’re the ones who tell me when they’re ready for something and in this case I think they picked exactly the right moment for taking the next step. We’ll have to see what comes next, but I do think they shared a very beautiful evening together.

      I’m glad that people seemed to enjoy having the chance to recapture something like that.

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