Dramatis Personae

First Love, First Time


Part 1 – Lane’s Story

Cast of Characters

Note: This list of characters may not be complete and should not be looked at until after you read the story. It’s provided as a convenience for those who may wish to help in continuing the story.

Lane Bailey – A 27 year old Teaching Fellow at Harvard University about to receive his doctoral degree in history in 1973. Although he loves teaching and hopes to land a position doing so at the college level, he ends up being offered a job doing research on impeachment in Washington, D.C. Whether he’ll actually end up in Washington remains to be seen. Lane is homosexual and has conflicted feelings about that.

Paul Miller – A 20 year old junior at Harvard College who lives in Winthrop House. Born and raised in Oregon, he has chosen to attend college on the east coast for reasons never fully explained. He plays rugby and is one of Lane’s students. Lane has a crush on him. See Chapters 1 thru 5 and Chapter 10.

Bruce Donnelly – Three years older than Lane, he played on the same Little League team, befriended Lane one day at Windsor Lake (the Fish Pond), and now coaches at St. Joseph’s High School in their home town of North Adams. Lane admired him as a boy, but wonders whether his feelings were homosexual in nature. See Chapters 5 thru 9.

Samuel Jeffords – A much beloved Harvard history professor and Lane’s dissertation adviser. He is also featured in Connected and The Opened Door. See Chapter 3.

An unnamed senior policy analyst at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. – He is doing research on how Congress can hold the President, Executive branch and courts accountable. He offers Lane a job that will entail writing a chapter on impeachment for the book he is writing. See Chapter 4.

Ken – A fellow graduate student in history at Harvard and straight friend of Lane’s. Unlike Lane, he has not completed his doctoral dissertation, but will be moving to Baltimore to teach at the University of Maryland’s new Baltimore County campus. See Chapters 1 and 4.

Amelia – Ken’s girlfriend and bride. She and Ken are moving to Baltimore where both of them will be teaching. They hope to remain in touch with Lane although neither is aware Lane is homosexual. See Chapter 4.

Mark Simmons – A friend of Paul’s and member of the Harvard football team. He has a reputation for being a campus lothario. See Chapter 2.

Bill Emerson – Another friend of Paul’s. He’s an excellent student, a practical jokester, and into theater as well. See Chapter 2.

Anderson Blair – One of Paul’s roommates at Winthrop House. Reputedly a legacy and seemingly a homophobic bigot as well. See Chapters 2, 3 and 10.

Tim Reardon – A student and resident of Winthrop House; if Anderson is to be believed, he’s a homosexual as well. See Chapters 2 and 10.

Allen Reeves – Like Ken and Lane, a graduate student in history arrested for soliciting a male prostitute in the Combat Zone in downtown Boston. Brown University in nearby Rhode Island withdraws its offer of employment once this becomes known. See Chapter 4.

Ron – A somewhat shadowy character who picks up Lane while he’s walking back to his room from Harvard Yard. Lane invites him back to his room, but you’ll have to read Chapter 6 to find out what happens next.

Jimmy – One of Lane’s childhood friends. He played for the Police Department Little League team and had a mean coach. See Chapter 5.

Billy Reid – A player on Lane’s Kiwanis Little League team who died of leukemia. See Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Sandy Alderson – A player on Lane’s Kiwanis Little League team who shouted at Billy for dropping the ball in right field and was rebuked by Bruce for doing so. See Chapter 5.

Davey and Sam – Others players on Lane’s Kiwanis Little League team about whom we know nothing. See Chapter 5.

Coach Thomas – Lane’s Kiwanis Little League coach. We know nothing about him except that Lane considers him nice. See Chapters 5 and 7.

Sister Ann Marie – The principal at St. Joseph’s High School in North Adams. She hired Bruce to teach and coach at the school. See Chapter 7.

A boy playing right field in a pick-up game that Lane meets at Kemp Park – The two exchange a few words, but otherwise we know nothing about the boy. See Chapter 7.

Jimmy – Another young boy, perhaps fifteen or sixteen, Lane meets in the woods at the rock near Windsor Lake. He and Lane exchange a few words, but again we know little about this character. See Chapter 8.

Peter Jamieson – One of Bruce’s friends who was killed in Vietnam. See Chapter 8.

An unknown driver who almost runs Lane’s car off the road on his return to Cambridge – Another character we know nothing about; especially why he was driving so recklessly. See Chapter 10.


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