Chapter 42

a home run ... just like the story itself :-)

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SUMMARY: Two boys growing up together in an idyllic beachfront community share a passion for baseball. One excels at the game and plays it with reckless abandon; the other, less talented, studies the game and those who play it, hoping someday to share what he learns with others. Best friends since childhood, the two have seen how baseball can bring them closer together. Now, having just graduated from high school, it’s about to show them a crueler side of the game. Baseball is about to separate them even though neither wants that to happen. You can find a longer synopsis of the entire story here. Please note that italics are typically used to indicate what a character is thinking or saying to himself.

WARNING: This story is a work of adult fiction and intended for mature audiences only. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Unless otherwise indicated by context, all of the characters, leagues, stadiums, teams and clubs portrayed or mentioned in this story are fictional, not depictions of real people, leagues, stadiums, teams and clubs. Please note that the story may describe, depict or otherwise include graphic portrayals of relationships between men and/or adolescent boys that are homosexual in nature. If you do not like or approve of such discussions or it is illegal for you to read such material, consider yourself warned. If you continue to read this story, you are asserting that you are fully capable of understanding and legally consenting to reading a work of adult fiction.

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Part IV – Winter

Chapter 42

In baseball they say the game isn’t over until the final out. I might be new to the game, but I thought I had been playing pretty well up until now in terms of pleasing Riley. Later I would realize what a rookie I was. The evening had just begun.

Collapsing on to the bed, Riley pulled me tightly against him. I was staring into his eyes again now when he leaned over and renewed that kiss we had broken off only moments before and placed his hand on my thigh. I felt myself shudder; my whole body just shook as if giving up all the loneliness, sadness and pain I had experienced over the years from being alone.

I remember thinking how good it was to be touched by another human being; to be held and caressed and loved.

Pushing his tongue through my lips, Riley began exploring my mouth with his own. At the same time, his right hand began exploring my body, finding the places that caused me to moan and quickly bringing me to a state of renewed arousal.

I wanted to just lay there and let him pleasure my body, but reminded myself tonight was about Riley; about making him realize I was the one he was looking for just as I already knew he was the one I loved. Everything would be better if I could arouse him, not just let him arouse me.

Pulling my mouth away from his, I started to kiss his neck and shoulders. He relaxed and allowed me to explore his body. I wondered whether what I was doing felt good to him. It was only slowly I realized he was using his hands to keep my head firmly in place whenever he especially liked whatever my mouth was doing at a particular moment.

And the truth is he seemed to like everything I was doing.

He liked me kissing his neck and his shoulders, then moving down to his nipples. He liked it when I explored his underarms as well, somewhat hairier than mine but trimmed and no less enticing. I would have never discovered some of these things on my own except for what Riley had shown me or told me about. When my head finally reached his groin he held it firmly in place.

“Oh, yeah, do it,” he whispered, softly. “Suck it, dude.”

Hard as it was to believe, I remember becoming even more aroused as I felt him becoming turned on all over again. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he decided to take charge and soon enough he did.

Now he was making my body feel good and I was astonished at just how well he was doing it. Between his hands, his fingers, his mouth, and even the use of his hair at times, he had me moaning like crazy and pleading for him not to stop.

Mark had always been pretty focused on me getting him off as quickly as possible. He would use his hand to stimulate me if asked. But his efforts at foreplay seemed lame by comparison and never lasted nearly as long. Dennis had been better, but it was obvious to me just how inexperienced he was compared to Riley.

By now I was on the bottom again. Riley rolled me over and helped me assume a position facing away from him. Like I had done, he began kissing my neck, but quickly moved up to my face and then on to my ears. I thought I would ejaculate for sure when he stuck his tongue in my ear.

“Oh, jeez; oh, jeez,” I kept moaning.

It seemed to penetrate deeper and deeper and the waves of pleasure it generated soon overwhelmed me. This was something I had never experienced before and soon enough my fist was pounding the bed. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand anymore, he moved on to the other side of my neck and then up to my other ear and did it all over again.

Face down on the bed, he began doing to me what I had been doing to him only moments before. Moving slowly, he made his way down my shoulders and back, eventually detouring to my pits. Initially I found myself giggling at his tongue touching me there, but soon enough those giggles turned into moans.

This was new for me as well and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

As his tongue moved down toward my butt, the anticipation began to build. I wondered whether he would do what I had done to him and what it would feel like. Having seen how he reacted, I suspected it might be something I would enjoy a lot.

But would he do it? And would he ever get there?

Even as I silently urged him on, his tongue seemed to move slower and slower. He was closer now, but it was driving me crazy. In my eagerness, I found myself lifting my butt and pushing it back in an effort to reach his mouth.

Please, Riley, please, I begged silently; for God‘s sake do it!

But he didn’t do it. He just kissed the spot where my spine led into my butt, then pulled away. It was disappointing, no doubt about it. He had been close; so close! But I tried to put it out of my mind.

Placing his head between my thighs and my groin, Riley began licking the cracks between them, as if pressing to get his face beneath my body. Using my knees, I lifted my bottom just enough to give him the access he was looking for.

The area was sweaty and it felt cooling and good as he licked the cracks separating my legs and my groin. From there he moved quickly down to my feet. Lifting them one at a time, he pushed his tongue between my toes and that felt incredible as he moved from one to another.

I had done none of this to him and realized I had never really explored the lower half of his body. More experienced, he was learning by doing, discovering things about my body I never would have thought of. I’m not sure how long he did all of this, but eventually he began working his way up my legs again.

By now I had abandoned hope of him licking my butt; and yet try as hard as I could to dismiss the possibility, I found myself becoming excited as he approached again. He used his hands to play with my cheeks.

“This is one damn fine butt,” he muttered.

Reaching over, I saw him move the lubricant closer to him in the mirror and tried to relax.

He spread my cheeks and I closed my eyes, expecting to feel his fingers applying it to me. To my surprise, I recall feeling something entirely different. I wasn’t sure what at first. Then it dawned on me. It was Riley’s tongue and it was pressing between my cheeks, slowly approaching the destination it was in search of.

“Oh god, yes; do it, Riley! Please. Do it to me!”

Excited, I pushed my butt back toward him. He pressed it back down to the bed and went to work.

“Oh, god! Oh, god!”

The pleasure was so intense, so powerful, so overwhelming. Unable to deny what I was experiencing, all I could do was to keep repeating the words over and over again.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! Oh, god!”

Later, when he came up for a breath, Riley giggled.

“Like it, don’t you?” he said. “I don’t do this for just anyone, Ethan. But this is your first time so enjoy.”

Then he resumed his efforts.

By then I had lost it completely and just lay there absorbing the pleasure. He could have done that all night as far as I was concerned and all the next day as well; he could have done it forever for that matter. The pleasure was that intense; then slowly, gradually, it dissolved into a sense of contentment, a sense of being relaxed in a way I had never been relaxed before in my life and I sighed.

If nothing else happened that evening, I would have been satisfied.

But Riley was far from finished. At some point his tongue stopped licking me. The next thing I felt was something cool being massaged into my butt. Looking into the mirror, I could see him applying the lubricant. As I watched, the anticipation of what was about to happen became overpowering.

Riley had taken me to some other place entirely that evening and now he was preparing to finish what had brought us together. I remember thinking I would never again experience what I was about to experience right now, at least not in exactly the same way. I was about to surrender my virginity to Riley and there was something about the finality of what was about to happen that took my breath away.

He pressed forward between my cheeks, but angled the tip up so it was in the air; then he just rubbed the shaft back and forth repeatedly between the crack. At some point I started pounding the bed with my fist again because it just felt so good; and yet as good as it felt, I wanted it inside me.

Knowing just how aroused I was, he pulled back a little and then pressed forward between my cheeks until it came to a rest against the opening it was looking for.

I was hyperventilating now.

“What do you feel, Ethan?” he whispered into my ear.

“Um, well, I can feel the tip of your cock touching me, um, you know where.”

“Anything else; think about it, Ethan?”

“I don’t know. I just know it feels really good and I want it inside me.”

Hearing me say that, he pressed forward gently and the tip slid in.

“Oh, god,” I moaned, overcome with pleasure as the ring tightened around his cock and locked us together.

I had assumed there would be some pain that accompanied all of this, but there wasn’t. I guess Riley had relaxed me enough with his tongue. Instead of pain, there was a moment of intense pleasure as it slipped inside and then disappeared into some empty space within me.

There had been so many incredible highs this evening, but now Riley had taken me higher still and this was the best of all.

“What do you feel?” he asked again.

“It just feels so good,” I responded. “It feels perfect. Thanks, Riley.”

He didn’t respond momentarily. Nor did he press forward. He just remained where he was as if deciding what to do next. I remember being a little confused, wondering why he was hesitating.

“Oh, please, Riley, please,” I begged; “please do this to me. I want you to fuck me.”

That seemed to decide the issue for him. Using his hands to massage my hips and my buns, he pressed forward, deeper now, harder, until he was all the way in and I could feel his pubes pressing against my cheeks.

He was totally in control now. I was in a position where both of us knew all of the decisions were his to make and I wanted him to make them. I wanted to be submissive to him. Most of all, I wanted to be fucked.

But for some reason he seemed hesitant again.

“Are you sure, Ethan? We’ve done a lot together already. We could stop now and let you think about it some more if you want.”

He was giving me a choice, but what kind of choice was it? Both of us were aroused and he knew I wanted to be fucked. I suspected he wanted to fuck me just as much, perhaps even more.

My mouth and throat had gone dry and I had difficulty getting it out, but I did.

“I want you to fuck me, Riley. I want you to do it right now.”

He rocked back and forth in place momentarily as if getting ready to start. Then he just stopped and sighed.

“Do you know whether I’m wearing a condom, Ethan?” he asked.

I was surprised by the question. Consumed with the pleasure I had been experiencing, I hadn’t even thought about that.

“I’m not sure,” I responded, telling him the truth.

“Do you want to know?” he asked.

He was putting the whole thing on me and for a moment I wondered whether this was still another test. If it was, it was frustrating because I didn’t want to be talking about this. I wanted him to be fucking me. Knowing that and knowing how much I wanted him to like me, I gave him the only answer that seemed to make sense at the time.

“I’m the rookie, Riley,” I said. “It’s whatever you decide. I like you. I like you a lot. I don’t want tonight to be the end of it between us. Whatever you want to do, that’s what I want you to do.”

He lingered there for a moment or two without saying anything; and then as quickly as he had pressed forward, he pulled out of me completely.

“Just so you know, I’m not wearing a condom, Ethan,” he said. “But I’m going to put one on now.”

I didn’t say anything one way or the other. I didn’t even move, just stayed there like that; down on my hands and knees, my face pressed against the bed, my ass up in the air and arched back, waiting patiently for him.

Soon enough he was positioning himself behind me again. He pressed forward quickly and located the opening and I began to get a little nervous again because I realized this was it. What I had hungered for so long was finally about to happen.

He must have sensed my concern somehow

“It isn’t going to hurt, Ethan. Just relax. In fact, this isn’t even the position I want you in.”

With that he rolled me on to my side and helped me on to my back, facing him. Then he positioned himself above me, slowly lifted and spread my legs, and placed them on his shoulders.

I remember thinking I liked this position better. I could see Riley smiling at me directly, not in some mirror, and that was the final touch that made everything perfect for me.

“Oh, God, I want this so bad,” I mumbled, hoping he wouldn’t be disappointed. “I don’t want to disappoint you, Riley, like I did last night.”

“You aren’t going to disappoint me, Ethan; just focus on what makes you happy and let me do all the rest.”

I closed my eyes and thought about all the times I had gone to bed lonely, all the evenings spent by myself jerking off. I wanted the loneliness to go away. I wanted someone to kiss me, to hold me, to make love to me forever; and then there he was, Hunter. He was smiling at me and I loved him so much.

Astonished, I opened my eyes and looked up. There was Riley. He was smirking at me and he was so cute and I remember thinking I was wrong.

He’s my best friend, Riley, and I loved him, but now I love you. You’re the one I’ve been looking for. Please, Riley, please; do it to me.

Pressing forward, I felt his cock pushing between my cheeks and then coming to a rest once it reached the spot it was looking for.


“Absolutely,” I responded. “Do it to me, Riley.”

I braced myself, expecting him to push in hard, deep, and quickly, perhaps causing some pain in the process. But he surprised me again. He just pushed in ever so slightly, then stopped and allowed my cheeks to cuddle the tip of his cock. He repeated what he was doing a couple more times until finally, no longer able to resist the temptation, the muscles in my ass pulled the gloved mushroom all the way in and hungrily devoured it.

“Oh, God; oh God; that was unbelievable,” I remember moaning. “That was so good.”

“You’re too easily pleased, Ethan,” he responded, smiling. “But on the plus side, I’m happy to confirm you definitely have a really tight hole. They don’t get any tighter than this,” he added, giggling.

By now I was eager for him to be deeper inside me. I pushed my butt forward toward his groin. As I started to pull him in deeper, he pressed forward gently and our combined efforts produced the result both of us wanted. Soon enough, I could feel his pubes pressing against my butt once again.

“Oh, God, thank you,” I whispered. “This feels so freaking good. This is perfect. Do it to me, Riley; fuck me.”

“Just relax now, dude,” he added. “Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

I closed my eyes while he began the rhythmic movement I had been in search of for so long. I remember biting my lips at times; pounding my fists on the bed. The whole thing was making me crazy and soon enough I was thrashing around wildly, wrapping my legs around his body, trying to pull him in closer, deeper; trying to make him one with me.

I’m not sure how long he did it to me, but I think it must have been for a very long time. At some point I reached down and started stroking my cock in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Oh, yeah, do it, dude,” he said. “That’s a personal favorite; watching dudes jerk off while I fuck them.”

At some point I recognized he was breathing deeper, that his stokes were coming faster and harder, and that I was moaning continuously now and couldn’t stop myself from moaning.

“We’re almost there,” he said. “I can feel it beginning to build. Are you ready, babe?”

“Yes; oh, God, yes,” I responded. “Give it to me, Riley. Fuck me!”

He thrust forward hard twice; then I noticed his butt cheeks suddenly tighten as he pressed forward quickly one final time.

“I’m cumming, baby,” he whispered at the very moment I felt my own cock explode as well.

“Oh, Jesus,” I moaned. “Oh, God; do it to me. Fuck me, Riley.”

Even as I said it, he was already exploding inside me and the explosions came fast and furious. At some point everything slowed down; instinctively, I squeezed my cheeks together as hard as I could.

“Ooh, uh,” he groaned, his eyes suddenly tightening, his face contorting momentarily as if in pain, but he wasn’t in pain.

He was just experiencing something intense, the last precious drops being drained from his body. It was making him feel good in a different kind of way than the explosions had made him feel good.

He stared down at me and breathed deeply.

“You are incredible, Ethan,” he said. “You did good, really good; at least it was good for me. I hope it was good for you too.”

I remember thinking I didn’t want to leave any doubt about that. I had just been fucked the way every dude should be fucked the very first time. It had been the most incredible experience of my life.

“It was unbelievable,” I said; “just incredible. Thanks, Riley. I’ve been waiting for this forever and I want you to know this is the happiest moment of my life.”

He smiled at me and let out a little half gasp of a laugh when I said it.

“You are too much, Ethan; so honest, so genuine,” he said, shaking his head.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“No; of course not,” he said. “You did everything right tonight except for one thing.”

“What?” I replied, worried now it might not have been good for him.

“I can do better, Riley. I know I can. Just tell me. We can do it again and I know I can make it better for you.”

“It doesn’t get any better than this, Ethan, at least not for me,” he replied. “We can talk about what you did wrong later; for now, let’s focus on everything you did right.”

He reached down and ran one of his fingers through the load I had shot all over my chest and face. He held it up so I could see it and then offered his finger to me to lick.

I devoured it quickly.

He kept scooping up more and offering it to me and I was happy to take whatever he offered.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“I do,” I responded. “I love it.”

He scooped up some more and fed it to himself.

“Hmm,” he said, grinning. “You’re right about that. You actually taste pretty good, Ethan.”

Then he leaned down and eagerly licked up the remains from my stomach and chest.

“Hey, don’t be greedy,” I said, smiling at him.

Pulling out of me suddenly, he stripped off the condom and held it up.

“There’s more if you want,” he said, dangling it before my eyes and grinning.

I pulled his hand toward my mouth while looking into his eyes. He had suggested something without really saying he wanted me to do it; and while I knew I wanted to do it, I hesitated momentarily, wondering how he would react if I did.

I guided the hand with which he was holding it still closer toward my mouth.

“It’s whatever you want, Ethan,” he whispered. “It would be hot if you did, but it isn’t a big deal. Do whatever you want?”

“I want you to feed it to me,” I said.

“Okay,” he replied. “Just don’t go swallowing it on me.”

Placing the condom against my lips, he used one of his fingers to push the precious liquid that had been inside me only moments before inside out into my mouth. I was surprised at just how much the thing was holding, especially since he had already cum once before.

“Jesus, you confuse the hell out of me, Ethan,” he said, grinning; “one minute I think you’re just the most sweet, innocent, little thing in the world and then you do stuff I can hardly believe. I’m definitely glad I came back here tonight with you, dude. You broke the hotness meter tonight; you really did.”

And then he leaned down and kissed me, using his tongue to explore my mouth in search of what he had just fed me. We passed it back and forth and it started getting bigger and bigger. I think I would have been ashamed and embarrassed if he hadn’t kissed me like that; but having done so, I sensed for the first time he liked me, genuinely liked me; perhaps even liked me in a way he had never liked anyone before.

You see, Ethan, I said to myself. You were right all along.

This is the one.

He’s perfect.

This is the guy you’ve been looking for all your life and he likes you.

He really does like you.


Later, after we had finished cleaning up, he cuddled up behind me and held me in his arms. I probably shouldn’t have said it, but it had been there in the back of my mind bothering me.

“So what did I do wrong, Riley?” I finally asked.

“You trusted me, Ethan,” he replied. “You trusted me more than you should have.”

“I’m bisexual, Ethan,” he continued. “You know that. Most of the time I sleep with girls, not boys, because I’m real picky when it comes to the boys I sleep with. And, well, the thing is, most of the dudes that invite me home from Buzz prefer skin to skin contact. Some want me to bareback them; others are into withdrawal.”

“But I always use a condom, not because I want to but because it’s the only smart thing to do when you’re as sexually active as I am. And the thing is, I’ve never had a dude refuse to have sex with me because I was wearing a condom; but tonight?”

“Tonight was hard, Ethan. I wish I could tell you I’m the nicest guy in the world, but I’m not. I’m just as human as anyone else. Knowing you were a virgin, knowing there wasn’t as much risk to me as to you? That was hard, Ethan. I wanted to be selfish. I wanted to do it to you. But barebacking and withdrawal won’t keep you safe, babe.”

“The point is, you need to take responsibility for protecting yourself because I don’t ever want to feel sad looking into that beautiful face of yours and knowing I did something terrible to you.”

He was right. I knew it. I had probably known it all along at some level. I had risked everything because I wanted him so much and now he was telling me that no one was worth that kind of risk.

I guess it surprised me he hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity I had given him. It was actually scary now that I was thinking about it; and being scary, I decided I didn’t want to linger over it anymore.

“I understand,” I whispered. “I’ll try to be stronger the next time, Riley; and, um, thanks. I guess that couldn’t have been easy for you. Thanks for doing the right thing.”

“You’re welcome,” he responded. “Just don’t ask me to do it again. I’m good and I’m disciplined, but I’m not that disciplined or good.”

It gave me the out I was looking for.

“I don’t know about that,” I said, grinning. “You were pretty darn good tonight as far as I was concerned.”

It made him laugh.

“Yeah, but then again I’m your first, Ethan. You’re going to be telling everyone they were the best from now on.”

“I doubt that,” I replied. “I don’t see how it could ever be better than that; but, um, if you want to give it another try to see if you can improve on your performance, it’s okay with me.”

He laughed again.

“I’m actually a little tired right now,” he responded. “To be honest, I thought tonight would be better, but I wasn’t expecting this kind of workout when I came back here this evening. I would have been satisfied with better. I wasn’t looking for off the charts, but that’s what I got. I think maybe we should try getting some sleep now; assuming that’s all right with you, Ethan?”

Looking at the clock, I could see it was about 1:15 a.m. He was right. It was late.

“Sure,” I replied. “I have to be at the stadium the same time tomorrow morning. Like I told you at Buzz, we’re playing a day/night double-header.”

“Can you get me in for free?” he asked.

“Um, sure,” I responded; “if you’re interested, that is. A lot of people find baseball too slow, boring, whatever; I won’t be offended if you’re not interested or have something better to do.”

“I want to see you play, Ethan,” he said. “It’s not every dude that gets to have sex with a major league baseball player. It’s, well . . . I don’t know; different, I guess. Somehow it made it even more intense for me knowing I was fucking the starting shortstop for the Washington Warriors. I’m not sure why exactly.”

“Yeah, well, you’re free to do it whenever you want, just as long as you don’t dump me for one of the other players,” I replied, grinning at him. “That would make me feel like a slut.”

“You are a slut,” he said, picking up on my joke.

“Damn! And here I thought I had you fooled,” I replied, reaching over and placing his hand on my butt.

“But since you already know, I guess I’ll set the clock a little earlier than I otherwise would; playing a double-header can be challenging. I probably could use a little extra practice fielding some line drives before I get to the stadium; one or two for sure, maybe more.”

“One or two?” he responded, picking up my meaning and pretending to be shocked. “You best content yourself with one, Ethan. You’re going to be doing a lot of sitting on that bench tomorrow and you might find that a little uncomfortable if you try to get in too much practice fielding line drives in advance.”

“We’ll see,” I said, pulling his arms around me more tightly.

It was the perfect ending for me. I was in bed with an incredibly cute dude, someone I had been looking for all my life. He was spooned up behind me and had wrapped his arms around me.

Unlike most nights, I fell asleep quickly.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 42

  1. A magnificent portrayal of a tender and meaningful encounter. I don’t think Riley is the settling down kind of guy, so let’s bring Hunter home. Thanks, Kit.

    1. Hmmm … oh, heck, I’m too tired to argue tonight, but I think we still have a way to go with Riley. Ethan seems to be falling for him.

      In any event, thanks, George.

  2. Oh good grief, Kit. This was the hottest chapter you’ve ever written. I don’t know where to begin. How nice that Riley was gentle and tender. And responsible. I can’t explain why I’m personally gratified that Ethan’s first time was all he had dreamed and more. I guess that’s part of your gift, Kit – the ability to draw us into your characters as if we were the ones participating. I have a hunch most of us were active participants. 🙂

    This chapter was a grand slam home run, Kit. Pun intended. Even Hunter made an “appearance”. Nice.

    1. Thanks, Dean; glad you enjoyed it. But I’ve been issued my marching orders so it’s time to move on. Hopefully the last two chapters will be sufficient to see you through.

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