indulge yourself this Thanksgiving holiday:-)

Landon Bridges is freshly christened history professor at the University of Maryland. He loves teaching, believing it a noble calling and a way of helping his youthful charges become both wiser and better human beings. Sadly, Landon’s not doing very good in his first months on the job, largely because he’s socially inept and considered odd and different by just about everyone.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, he finds himself missing the love and support of his parents back home in Massachusetts, the place where he was born, raised and spent his entire life prior to receiving his teaching appointment. Young, gay but inexperienced in life and totally clueless when it comes to affairs of the heart, Landon’s away from home and on his own for the very first time.

Then he suffers a devastating personal setback, one that leads him to contemplate taking his life.

What happens next will surprise and delight you; perhaps even help you better appreciate why Americans give thanks and love stuffing themselves every fourth Thursday in November. As well, the story should serve to remind you that even the greatest disappointments and humiliations we suffer in life can become a cause for celebration on Thanksgiving Day.

Stuffed is a veritable cornucopia of food, farce and festivity; a Thanksgiving feast in three servings filled with appetizers, turkeys, and countless treats and desserts both delicious and delightful. Celebrate your Thanksgiving season by indulging your appetite for things droll and whimsical by reading this farcical tale.

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