Equal Justicre Under Law?

The Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court is dead.

Now, with control of the Court hanging in the balance for the first time in decades, the race is on to fill this most critical of vacancies.

Who will the President nominate to fill the opening? One of the many qualified judges from a lower court or someone completely different, someone who breaks the mold?

Everyone in Washington thinks they know the answer, but no can be certain until the President acts. But the President is unlikely to act until potential nominees have been vetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Will any of the candidates under consideration be disqualified by what the Bureau uncovers? If not, who will the President consult before selecting a nominee and what factors will go into his decision?

Waiting for whoever the President ultimately chooses are the one hundred members of the United States Senate, all ambitious, all determined to have their say in this historic decision. Will they give their advice and consent as the Constitution contemplates or will the nomination go down in flames?

More to the point, will a bitterly divided and partisan Senate even get to a vote on the merits or will the nomination be derailed by powerful forces before it can even come to a vote?

In Justice, only one thing is certain. Careers will be affected, reputations made and lost, and friendships tested. As with most struggles in Washington, there will be winners and losers. Indeed, the balance of power in the country could shift depending upon the outcome.

But which side will prevail in the looming struggle to name a new head of the Court is far from clear.

Justice is a tale populated with characters ripped from today’s headlines and all too familiar. Judges, some ambitious, some less so, struggling to render justice in a contentious time. Senators, including the Majority and Minority Leaders, determined to win no matter what winning takes; and still others caught in the middle, trying to do the right thing but not always certain what the right thing is.

You’ll meet many other characters as well in this sprawling saga. A journalist from the New York Times hoping to shape the battle with his reporting, an ambitious young woman determined to do whatever it takes to advance her career, and a gay congressional aide with a secret, among others. There are also those, strangers to Washington, with no agenda at all.

Justice is a tale of partisanship run amuck and people pushed to their limits. It’s a story of how things get done or are derailed in Washington and why ordinary citizens cannot afford to ignore what happens there.

No matter which side you root for, you’ll be riveted to your chair in this suspenseful tale about the uses and abuses of power and how power corrupts.

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