Justice – Chapter 9

another random hot body :-)

Tonight is the second of five chapters that will focus in more depth on the personal lives of two of the gay characters in our story.

As you’ll recall from Chapter 5, Richie was planning to visit Washington with his older friend Aaron many weeks earlier. But then his plans for the weekend were dashed when the other busboy quit and his boss told him he would have to work double shifts until a replacement could be found.

Finding a replacement proved difficult and the trip to Washington had to be postponed several times. In last week’s chapter, however, Richie finally got the weekend off and promptly headed for Washington with his older companion.

For his part, Eric Ford was planning to spend that same Friday evening and the following morning at a downtown location overseeing booth night, one of the many activities designed to make AIDS Walk Washington a success. But his evening plans were almost immediately disrupted when one of the volunteers failed to show up to man a booth on the 8 to midnight shift at a bar called Boys & Toys.

Eric decided to fill in, but his shift had proven somewhat boring and frustrating as hardly anyone seemed interested in what he was doing except for some of the younger boys interested in collecting the free condoms available at his booth.

Not too long before Eric’s volunteer shift ended Richie and Aaron showed up at Boys & Toys. Without even being aware he was doing so, Eric’s eyes took a fancy to the young lad.

In tonight’s chapter, which I’ve now posted, we’ll see what, if anything, comes of that. I suspect it won’t just be Eric who ends up frustrated 🙂

Kit tiptoes quietly off into the darkness.


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