Justice – Chapter 8

Are we having a good time?

Tonight we’ll begin a series of five somewhat shorter chapters as we wait for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to finish vetting potential nominees to the Court. The five chapters will launch our gay tale in earnest and take place weeks after what has transpired thus far.

Tonight’s chapter is about something a lot of people, including myself, generally scoff at. Some call it serendipity. Others fate. Chance, good fortune, and karma are still other terms often used to describe the phenomena.

Is that something you believe in?

If so, perhaps tonight’s chapter will come across as entirely believable; at least I hope it does. If not, you’ll need to suspend your skepticism, at least for the time being.

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not sure how compelling this gay tale will be. It’s seemingly straightforward and fairly simple in some ways although how it connects to the larger story may not seem immediately obvious. But it helps to keep in mind that our private and public lives don’t always intersect conveniently.

In any event, as a standalone story, I doubt I would have ever shared this with you. But it may work as part of the larger story and hopefully it will hold your attention until we return to our political tale. However that may be, Chapter 8 should now be available.

Those boys in the image above? They’re not any of the characters in our story as far as I know, but you may catch a glimpse of someone much like them in tonight’s chapter.

I call dibs on the one on the left 🙂


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