Justice – Chapter 6

With the weekend over, at least in the story I’m posting, the focus will now return to our political tale in the next two chapters.

Somehow, perhaps thankfully, we managed to avoid the funeral of Chief Justice Saviano on Saturday. Now that the man is finally buried, however, the President will have to nominate a successor and the fight to confirm his nominee will likely begin as well.

That is, it will begin unless the two sides can somehow find common ground. Do you think finding common ground is possible in Washington? In tonight’s chapter, which I have now posted, we should find out … although perhaps a clue can be found in that image above 🙂

In any event, if anyone is still reading at this point, have fun doing so.


2 thoughts on “Justice – Chapter 6

  1. Hmmmmm there is a clue in this wrestling picture … I am going to take as much time as necessary scrutinizing the photo to find the clue. Even if it takes all day.

    1. There could be, Tim. Look at the colors, red and blue, just like they color the states on election night. And red seemingly has the advantage for the moment, just like in the story 🙂

      In any event, good luck and be sure to share your findings with everyone when you complete them.

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