Justice – Chapter 2

U.S. Capitol as seen from the west ...

This is the second of three chapters that introduce some of the story’s major characters and set the stage for what follows.

Tonight we’ll be introduced to one major new character we’ve not met before. We’ll also get a few hints about some others still to come. And we’ll learn a bit more about two of the characters we met in Chapter 1.

Not surprisingly, turnout for the new story seems to be smaller than my last one. Who knows? If I keep taking time off, I may end up with no audience at all 🙂

I’m still trying to figure out what images to use to introduce each chapter. The one above is of the west front of the U.S. Capitol. It fits loosely with where most of tonight’s chapter takes place, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s a bit boring.

If you care one way or another about this, feel free to weigh in. In the meantime, Chapter 2 is up.


2 thoughts on “Justice – Chapter 2

  1. Looking forward to the chapter but before I forget … rather than boring buildings, how about hot politicians or cute sons of politicians. Calvin Coolidge’s son was pretty cute before he died because he wasn’t wearing socks.

    1. We’ll see what I can do, Tim.

      My supply of images is not endless, however. If you have any semi-naked pictures of Calvin Coolidge’s son, feel free to pass them along. He should be wearing socks preferably.

      The same goes for pictures of hot politicians and/or their cute sons.

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