Whatever it takes …

And this cutie can definitely take whatever he wants :-)

Whatever it takes, I’m hoping you’ll read this notice.

Like most things in life, web sites need to be refreshed periodically. What seemed new and interesting at one time becomes old and tired eventually. My web sites, this one and the Café Palermo, have gone through three major redesigns since I began posting in 2011.

Surprisingly, that involves more work than may be apparent at first glance. These days people surf the web using cell phones, tablets and laptops in addition to the desktop computers they used to rely on primarily. That makes any redesign a bit problematic as what may look good on one device may not work as well on another.

Both of my sites currently use a WordPress theme called Twenty Twelve. It’s a theme that has served me well in recent years. At the Annex, however, the theme does not allow much room for expansion to accommodate new stories without changes I find somewhat aesthetically jarring.

On Saturday, February 25, I plan to redesign this site while leaving the Café Palermo as is for the time being. I’ve been experimenting a little in my spare time and hopefully will be able to complete the redesign of the Annex by noon on Saturday (although I may continue tinkering with it after that).

The Annex will remain online while I’m doing this, but it could be a little disruptive if you’re attempting to read one of the stories at that time as I need to make multiple changes and can’t really do that in one fell swoop. I wanted to warn you about this in advance and to invite you to come visit the redesigned Annex sometime later on Saturday, February 25, or thereafter.

Everyone has different tastes, of course. Some of you may like the new look while others hate it. I suspect most of you will not care a great deal. However you feel, please let me know what you think.


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