Site Update and Advisory …

Am I annoyed? Just a little ...

This post is here because I was having problems getting the Firefox web browser to render the Gallery here correctly after updating it.

What made it especially frustrating is that the Gallery at my main site, The Café Palermo, was rendering correctly after the update and that both galleries also rendered correctly in several other browsers I use to test the sites, including Internet Explorer, Iron (a Chrome variant), and Palemoon.

After spending far too many hours of my life trying to diagnose the problem, I finally found a setting in WordPress that seems to resolve it. You should be able to click on one of the images in the Galleries and then be taken to a page where you can add a comment or view the image full-size.

I continue to have other problems designing these sites with Firefox, but those do not affect you as directly as readers. They have more to do with my ability to upload images from within Firefox to the sites and then to insert them into web pages.

For now the bottom line is simply that I have updated both the Café and the Annex. However, if you are using Firefox and something doesn’t seem to work correctly on the sites, I would appreciate hearing from you.

One of my failings as a human being is I tend to be a perfectionist. Humor me for another couple of weeks before I move on to bigger and better things as the Donald would have us do 🙂


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