Posting Schedule …

>me and a friend are off traveling :-)

I’ll be away for a week beginning tomorrow, October 12. While I should be able to post Chapter 20 on Friday, October 14, at the usual time, I’ll have to schedule that and my introduction to Chapter 20 in advance and there’s always a possibility I could screw up one or both of those.

If I do, I’ll post anything missing as soon as I get back next week. I also may not be able to respond to any comments and/or emails until my return. But don’t let that stop you. I’ll definitely do so when I get back.

Being away also means that I’ve had less time to work on Chapters 20 and 21. I’ve been editing and rewriting both at the same time this week, but only had four days to do that. I’ll probably have one or two more days for Chapter 21 next week when I get back, but I can’t be certain of that.

While I’ll do my best, one or both of these next two chapters may be less polished than I would like. I apologize in advance.

I should probably also mention that the images for my introductory posts will be a bit more random in Part IV. Of course, that may come as a surprise to some of you who may think they’ve been pretty random all along 🙂

But I usually try to find an image that is connected to what’s happening in the chapter, if only tenuously. I’ll still keep trying, but you may have to settle for plain old eye candy for some of the remaining chapters.


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