Chapter 18 …

Then dark thoughts overwhelmed me ...

Last week we began to catch a glimpse of a different Jimmy. Someone less certain everything he learned growing up was the truth; someone more tolerant of those who behaved differently than him and less quick to pass judgment on others.

Now an honorary member of the club, his circle of friends and acquaintances quickly expanded as he became more familiar with the gay scene in Washington. He began spending less time with Eric and more with Bobbie, who he seems to like a lot however he dresses.

While this was happening, his relationship with Jeff became more frustrating for Jimmy. As the pace of work on Capitol Hill quickened, Jeff began spending more of his time at the office or back in the district with Congressman Bresnahan.

Tired from all the extra hours he was putting in and often not around, Jeff and Jimmy were having sex less often and that became a new source of frustration for Jimmy.

When Jimmy mentioned to Bobbie that Jeff would be back in the district over the Memorial Day weekend (no doubt watching his boss participate in a lot of parades and other traditional Memorial Day events), Bobbie volunteered that Charles would be away that weekend as well.

Asked whether he would be traveling with Charles, Bobbie said no; that he would be participating in a drag show charity event that weekend to benefit gay runaways and homeless youth.

Later, apparently with permission from Charles, Bobbie asked Jimmy to be his escort to the event and mentioned that Charles was also fine with letting Jimmy spend the night with Bobbie at their mansion in Virginia.

Hmm … I wonder why Charles would do something like? Not Jimmy though; apparently the invitation seems only to have fueled his desire for Bobbie rather than arousing any suspicion.

In the end, Bobbie turned out to be the star of the show and the charity event itself a big success as it apparently raised a lot more money for gay runaway and homeless kids than this web site ever does.

Once the show was over, the two boys returned to the mansion. After chatting some about the show and a phone call from Charles, they ended up heading off to separate bedrooms. Alone in his, Jimmy discovered that Bobbie had given him the pair of white meshed panties he had worn that evening as a token of appreciation for being his escort.

Restless and unable to sleep, Jimmy got up and spent some time looking out the window. Finished, he returned to the bed and spied the panties he had earlier tossed aside. Impulsively perhaps, he decided to wear them to bed as an imperfect substitute for Bobbie himself.

In Chapter 18, which I’ve now posted, we’ll finish Part III of the story. We’ll see what happens at the mansion and then quickly skim over the events of next three months.

Please be aware this chapter is much longer than usual. If you need a break, you can always stop at the end of the first section and come back later. And you may possibly need a break at that point if I’ve done a good enough job writing that section 🙂

Also, like I suggested last week, the ending of the chapter will probably feel a bit rushed and choppy so I apologize for that in advance.

I could have probably fleshed it out a bit more, but the chapter was already too long and there should be enough to let you know how things turned out.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 18 …

  1. Think I see where this story is heading for Jimmy. Callous way to leave Jeff but maybe in the end they will get back together.

    Over the years I have met several Jimmy’s and what they fail to recognize is that they too will age out of the system.

    As for the length don’t worry. I actually prefer them. Actually I prefer to read the entire story after all chapters have been published but I realize that it is nice for you to have feedback while you are writing so have decided that I will read as a serial then probably re-read when finished.

    Good work, much enjoyed.


    1. Thanks for going out of your way to comment, James. I know you like to read the story from beginning to end and I imagine some others do as well. But feedback is always helpful as sometimes I get lost wandering around inside my own mind 🙂

      I didn’t expect people to react so harshly to the way Jimmy left Jeff. From what I’ve been told, there weren’t a lot of stable gay relationships in the 1970s, at least in Washington, D.C., and it was common for people to dump one another pretty quickly and without much thought. Perhaps I got that wrong.

      Usually I try to aim for between 4000 and 5500 word chapters. This one was much longer, but I’m glad it held your attention.

      As for where the story is going, you’ll have to read on. There’s no substitute. After all, I get paid by the word.

      Hmm … Kit wonders when the royalty checks will begin flooding in 🙂

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