Chapter 16 …

It all depends on how you look at it ...

In last week’s chapter Jimmy and the rest of the boys traveled by limousine to Great Falls, Virginia, where they spent the day being entertained at the mansion where Charles and Bobbie live.

Before getting there, Jimmy had to endure a bit of skepticism from one of the boys about his relationship with Jeff. Fortunately Eric came to his rescue.

Having arrived at the mansion, the boys were served a lavish lunch, one followed by a fashion show in which Bobbie himself turned out to be the one modeling the latest in female attire. That left Jimmy panicked and hyperventilating, but Eric and Bobbie were able to calm him down.

Eric and Bobbie seem like decent enough dudes who understand how difficult it is for someone like Jimmy to face up to the truth. But whether their motives are entirely pure remains to be seen. Perhaps we’ll learn more tonight.

I mentioned in last week’s introduction to Chapter 15 that I wasn’t happy with what were supposed to be the final two chapters of Part III. In particular, the ending of this part of the story seemed much too rushed and confusing to me. To put it less generously, it was a disaster.

Dissatisfied, I’ve gone back to the drawing board and have done some extensive editing and rewriting . In the end, what were supposed to be the final two chapters have now become three.

I think I’ve improved the ending of Part III quite a bit, but one of the results is that the next two chapters will be a little shorter than usual. Depending on what you think of them, that might be a blessing in disguise 🙂

In any event, I’ve just posted the new and shorter version of Chapter 16. Let’s hope the extra work I’ve put in pays off.


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