Chapter 15 …

Close enough :-)

Last week’s chapter ended a bit mysteriously. After deciding he and Jeff already had an open relationship, one requiring no further discussion between them, Jimmy also concluded that keeping Jeff happy was a job and managed to talk Jeff into giving him an allowance.

Deciding what he should do about the club turned out to be much harder for Jimmy, however. He wanted to join it, no doubt about it, but was also concerned he might end up having to do things that would challenge his sexual self-image.

When Eric called the next morning, Jimmy decided not to attend the lunch and club meeting that day. Once Eric hung up, however, Jimmy began to wonder whether he had made the right decision.

Later Eric called back and told Jimmy that Bobbie would be disappointed if Jimmy didn’t show up for the day’s events. That caused Jimmy to change his mind still again.

At lunch before the club meeting, Jimmy learned from one of the other club members how much the boys in the club were in awe of Bobbie. That didn’t come as any surprise to Jimmy given how attracted he already was to him.

Later, at the club meeting itself, Jimmy ended up losing the special drawing to Del. For some reason, however, Bobbie stepped in and offered Del a choice as to who he could spend time with during the coming week. Del quickly decided he wanted to be friends with Bobbie, not Jimmy.

While we’ll have to wait until next week to clear up that mystery, we’re down to the final three chapters of Part III. Given the absence of comments, it’s hard to tell whether anyone is still reading this story and that only reinforces my own doubts about it.

I’ve always felt what I was trying to do in this story was important. In retrospect, however, it would have probably benefited from a lot more work before starting to post it. I feel like I’ve spent too much time getting us to this point and too little on Part III’s denouement, which is still to come and is probably going to be much too rushed.

I’ve never believed in leaving readers high and dry by not finishing a story, but I’ve been thinking maybe this should be the exception. If you have any thoughts on that, feel free to weigh in.

In any event, I’ve now posted Chapter 15. If it strikes you as too bizarre, feel free to let me know that as well.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 15 …

    1. Hmm … anyone else having this problem? I’ve had enough problems with Firefox and WordPress myself over the years to know how frustrating something like this can be. Other than clearing your cache and/or trying to open it in another web browser, I’m not sure what to suggest, James.

      1. I was finally able to log in and wanted to let you know that even though I have been waiting for story to be finished I believe you should continue.

  1. Hi Kit

    I have not had any problem opening the chapters.

    I just finished 15. I must admit I have been remiss in giving you any comments!

    I am enjoying the story. I can recall when I was in grade school that I was attracted to the boys and tried to hide it. In high school I became more active in pursuing my interest with a couple of my classmates, but when I did I hated myself and swore that I would not do it again.


    Finally I resigned myself to being gay. I never came out to my parents and have stayed in the closet with respect to my friends. I can understand what Jimmy is struggling with. It will be interesting to see how he resolves this.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. Interesting story, Tom, and I don’t think it’s all that unusual either for people born at an earlier time.

      If I just try harder, I can make this go away.

      I’ve heard that a lot, but none of those ever telling me that succeeded in making it go away; and, believe me, some of them tried really hard.

      As for Jimmy, let’s hope it turns out well. He’s not living at home surrounded by family and friends so in some ways it may be easier for him than it might be for someone else. On the other hand, repress things too long and the explosion can be all the more violent.

      I suppose it could go either way.

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