Chapter 14 …

A precarious perch indeed . . .

Monday is Labor Day in the United States and that’s traditionally considered the end of summer as well as an opportunity for one final blowout. Not that I’ll be guilty of doing something foolish like that, of course, but I’ll be taking the weekend off to spend some quality time reading and reflecting on life’s many conundrums 🙂

Part III of our story is slowly approaching its crescendo. Clinging to a familiar past, Jimmy is trying to decide whether to take the plunge into some less familiar waters. He’ll have to decide soon enough and tonight we’ll begin to get a glimpse of his answer.

Things will really begin to pick up with next week’s chapter and once they do they’ll move pretty rapidly. Everything we’ve read up until now is pointing us toward the next part of the story, which I consider both the best and indeed the very point of the tale. Whether you’ll agree or be happy with that remains to be seen.

In any event, after having lunch together at the Hawk and Dove in Chapter 12, Eric brought Jimmy to Head & Tails in last week’s chapter. Housed in a nondescript warehouse, Head and Tails turned out to be a different kind of gay establishment; one featuring semi-nude dancers, peep shows and adult movies, among other things.

Here the two boys caught a performance by Bobbie, who lives with someone named Charles but apparently dances part time at the place whenever he’s in Washington. To say Jimmy was shocked by what he saw would be an understatement; and yet it was also apparent he was attracted to Bobbie, who ended giving Jimmy his g-string.

During his break (and after spending time with the paying customers first), the three boys ended up talking about a variety of things. Jimmy was surprised to discover Bobbie was originally from a community close to North Adams.

Asked whether he might be interested in dancing at Head & Tails, Jimmy demurred. Later, on the walk back to Capitol Hill, Eric explained daddies to Jimmy and a bit more about the Triple C club. Back at home Jimmy tried on the g-string Bobbie had given him and ended up jerking off in the thing before falling asleep.

That’s where Chapter 14, which I’ve now posted, picks up. Have fun reading.


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