Chapter 12 …

fun in the sun 16

Last week Jimmy’s introduction to gay life in Washington continued, first at Exiles & Castaways and later at another gay bar called Outlaws.

At Exiles & Castaways Jimmy was exposed to hustling for the first time. Being paid to have sex was a new idea for him, one that didn’t sit entirely well with Jimmy. On the other hand, he was happy to be meeting some boys his own age for a change.

The experience did cause Jimmy to wonder how he would survive if Jeff ever dumped him. Later, when he saw Jeff talking to another boy about the same age as himself, Jimmy seems to have become a bit jealous.

Of course, that was after Jimmy had already spied another good looking boy talking to Eric. Whoever the boy was, he apparently made quite an impression on Jimmy. Sadly, however, the two never met. Instead, Eric took Jimmy on a tour of a leather bar called Outlaws.

While Jimmy didn’t find the place especially appealing, he did learn more than he was counting on about the gay hanky code. Later, he and Eric returned to Exiles & Castaways and then headed back to Capitol Hill.

The chapter ended with a brief phone conversation between Eric and Jimmy on Monday morning. Having previously agreed to have lunch, Eric invited Jimmy to a restaurant called the Hawk and Dove. That’s where tonight’s chapter picks up.

What I’ve been trying to do in the last couple of chapters is to paint a picture of how someone slowly gets exposed to things he’s never experienced before and how disorienting that can be. How Jimmy copes with this will be the subject of the next couple of chapters.

Will he end cracking like that young lad above? Only time will tell 🙂

In any event, I wanted to mention two things this evening. First, I got back a little later than expected from my out of town trip so I’ve had even less time to work on Chapter 12 than expected; and next week I’ll be leaving town again so there won’t be much time to work on Chapter 13 either.

I’ll be scheduling the next chapter to go up in my absence. If it doesn’t for some reason, I’ll post it upon my return. Sorry I haven’t had more time for the story lately, but August will be over soon so try to hang in there. Hopefully things will get better.

Also, while I usually try to keep things fairly simple in my stories, tonight’s chapter features a discussion of a club that Eric’s a member of and Jimmy may be interested in joining. The discussion is a bit complicated and involved so be sure to read carefully as the club will play a key role in the next several chapters.

In any event, I’ve posted Chapter 12. Have fun reading.


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