Chapter 11 …

Future Master?  Really?

Future Slave?  Seriously?

If you’re reading this on the weekend of August 12, 2016, I’ve successfully scheduled this post to go up in my absence. Let’s hope I’ve been equally successful in scheduling Chapter 11 to appear as well. Otherwise you’ll have to entertain yourself with this future master and his very cute future slave 🙂

As I mentioned last seek, I’m out of town and pretty much out of touch. Hopefully not as out of touch as Donald Trump, but likely unable to respond to any comments or e-mails before I get back Sunday evening.

Not that there’ve been many of those lately so maybe you’re not finding the story especially interesting. Whatever the case, hopefully the pace of the story will start to pick up a bit in this and the following chapter.

Last week we saw how Jimmy reacted to his first visit to a gay bar. While he seems to have enjoyed himself by-and-large, he didn’t react well to Jeff’s behavior in front of Eric. Determined to teach Jeff a lesson, Jimmy ended up calling Jeff a nasty name.

It wasn’t pretty, but Jimmy is still sufficiently in touch with reality to recognize he overreacted. In the end, he apologized to Jeff.

Conveniently for Jimmy, the two made up and the following morning we learned that his first two months in Washington had not been the happiest of experiences for Jimmy. Without a job or friends, he’s been feeling alone and isolated. Indeed, he seems quite dependent on Jeff for just about everything.

For his part, Jeff seems to be trying to help Jimmy make the transition. The day after their trip to the bar, for example, he takes Jimmy to a mall in Virginia and buys him some new clothes. The two have dinner together and then take in a movie as well. Jeff even agrees to go back to the Hide and Seek when Jimmy suggests that.

However, Eric and Bob whisk them off to still another bar across town, one where Jimmy’s education about gay life in Washington continued. Tonight his education will continue still more.

This was a busy week for me and I didn’t have time to make some of the changes I would have liked to this chapter. I think they would have made it more interesting, but it is what it is. Have fun reading, assuming anyone is still reading during these dog days of summer.


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