Chapter 10 …

The world turned upside down ...

Last week we got our initial glimpse of Jimmy in Washington. Taken to a gay bar called the Hide and Seek by Jeff, it seems like the experience left quite an impression on our youthful protagonist.

And why not? The bar was huge for after all, with multiple dance floors, an elaborate lighting system, and disc jockeys who knew how to bring the place alive and then quiet it down.

And then there were all the guys, of course, hundreds of guys who like guys carrying on in a way that stunned Jimmy. Like the boy above, it seems like Jimmy’s life is being turned upside down a bit.

Do you remember what it was like the first time you saw guys dancing together? Kissing in public? Carrying on? Suffice it to say it was a surprise for Jimmy, a big one. Fortunately, a young boy named Eric more familiar with the place introduced himself to Jimmy and the two quickly became friends.

Indeed, Jimmy’s education began almost immediately when Eric introduced him to a drag queen named Franny Fanny, an experience that was a bit overwhelming for Jimmy to say the least. Later, when Jeff rejoined the two boys, they learned more about each other.

Jimmy wasn’t too happy though when Jeff said and did things that threatened Jimmy’s self-image. In the end, Eric proved helpful in introducing the two to gay life in Washington. But where that will lead remains to be seen.

I’m going to apologize in advance for tonight’s chapter. I’ve had a frustrating week and haven’t spent as much time as I should whipping it into shape so it’s not the most exciting chapter I’ve ever written. Whatever its failings, I’ve posted it now and it does help move us along.

I also wanted to mention I’ll be out of town much of next week, including next weekend, so I’ll be scheduling the next introduction and chapter to go up while I’m away. Let’s hope that works out okay.

If not, I’ll post the next chapter and respond to any comments when I get back Sunday evening; if there are any comments. I don’t know whether their absence means you’ve stopped reading, are completely confused or disappointed, or off doing fun things this summer.

Let’s hope it’s the latter.


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