Chapter 8 …


Last week’s chapter began with the aftermath of what happened in Chapter 6. Pressed about whether he liked what happened, Jimmy admitted he had and cited several reasons for that. Whatever he may have intended, Jimmy’s words caused Jeff to break down and cry.

While we never learn all the details, it seems being homosexual has not brought much happiness to Jeff up to this point in his life; indeed, that being homosexual has been a struggle for him. Would that be surprising considering the era in which he grew up? I suspect not.

Convinced Jimmy would be better off in a straight relationship, one where he could get married and have children and seemingly live happily ever after, Jeff apparently believes he did the wrong thing letting Jimmy have sex with him again.

Jimmy manages to calm Jeff down, telling the older youth he should let Jimmy decide for himself what’s right for him. At the same time, Jeff’s display of emotion leaves Jimmy shaken because Jimmy wants sex to be both fun and uncomplicated.

Oh, my, isn’t it amazing how naive we can be when we’re young 🙂

In any event, the two talk it out the next day. Apparently resigned to never finding anyone who will genuinely love him, Jeff decides he’s open to having a relationship on Jimmy’s terms. He won’t ask Jimmy to do anything the boy isn’t comfortable with and he’s also apparently willing not to dispute Jimmy’s self-interpretation of who he is.

That allows Jimmy to continue the relationship, which apparently becomes a bit volcanic over the next several months. In November the congressional candidate Jeff is supporting wins the election and offers Jeff a job in Washington.

In turn, Jeff asks Jimmy to consider moving to America’s capital with him. He promises Jimmy he’ll be able to live for free in the place Jeff plans to rent and to pay for all the food as well.

Jimmy is initially hesitant. He wonders what he’ll do for a living in Washington, but Jeff promises to help him find a job or even let Jimmy live with him without getting a job at all in exchange for help around the place they’ll be living.

That makes Jimmy wonder whether Jeff sees him as his wife. Jeff denies it, even going so far as to tell Jimmy he knows who wears the pants in their relationship. Reassured, Jimmy promises to consider the offer, then satisfies a more immediate and compelling need.

I don’t know abut anyone else, but Jimmy can be frustrating at times. Instead of realizing who he is, he seems determined to perpetuate a myth; one that brings out the worst in him at times. And yet there are other times when he seems to genuinely care about Jeff.

Whether this conflict will ever be resolved remains to be seen, but I suspect it won’t be resolved anytime soon. If not, we’re likely to see more of this kind of behavior from Jimmy; i.e., selfishness mixed with a capacity for tender feelings as well.

Whatever the case may be, Chapter 8 is up. Have fun reading and feel free to let me know if you think the story is too confusing.


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