Chapter 2 . . .

a fine lad indeed ...

In last week’s chapter we were introduced to Jimmy Barnes, a fourteen year old boy living in a small community in western Massachusetts where there isn’t very much to do during the summer except to go swimming.

Compounding the problem, Jimmy’s best friend, Tommy, with whom he’s been used to spending summer days at the lake, has taken a job at the local newspaper, leaving Jimmy on his own and alone.

Jimmy’s father doesn’t seem to like his son very much, perhaps in part because he’s frustrated with the competition a new supermarket is providing to the mini-mart he owns. While popular, Jimmy doesn’t seem very ambitious or to have much interest in school.

What Jimmy does have is a new found interest in sex; whacking off in particular. He’s learned how to do this and everything else he knows about sex from Tommy, who Jimmy considers much smarter than himself.

On the day we meet him, Jimmy is on his way to the lake with his best friend. Perhaps a bit jealous, as boys can be, Tommy seems upset that Jimmy is spending more time with the new playground supervisor at the local school than he is with Tommy.

At one point Tommy even suggests that Jimmy’s new friend might be a homo. The two argue about that; but then, their destination in sight, they end up racing to the lake where they plan to spend the afternoon together.

So what are the ingredients we have so far? Summer, boys, and a lake! What a perfect opportunity to devour some eye candy 🙂

In any event, this week’s chapter, which I’ve now posted and is a bit longer than usual, picks up where the last one left off. Have fun reading.


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