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Everyone should be as happy as this boy. Share his joy by clicking this image:-)

Welcome to the Café Palermo Annex, the site where I post my free online stories, all of which feature gay characters and the challenges they face in life. When I created the Café Palermo years ago, I figured I would be blogging a lot more and saw The Annex as kind of a secondary site.

It was just going to be the place where I stashed all the porn 🙂

That turned out to be wrong and not just because my stories aren’t porn. They may not be War and Peace, but to me War and Peace is boring. I try to write entertaining stories that are both interesting and uplifting, especially (but hopefully not exclusively) for those who are part of the LGBTQ community.

Like I said, originally I thought this would be a secondary site, but I don’t blog very much anymore so the Annex has become the primary site in many ways.

I still post announcements on both sites and do occasionally have something to say over at the Café that I don’t post here; usually something I think members of the LGBTQ community should be aware of or perhaps some biting commentary on American politics and the clowns who run this country.

But how can you top Donald Trump after all? Just listening to that blustering, bigoted, bully is commentary enough on how ridiculous American politics has become. The man disgraces this country every time he opens his mouth; and he’s nasty, fat and has ludicrous hair to boot.

That any political party would even consider nominating someone like him for President tells you everything you need to know about the intelligence of many Americans these days; but this is the party that gave America Ronald Reagan after all so what more needs to be said?

To put it another way, why blog when just reading a newspaper or watching the news on television can entertain and appall you a lot more than I ever could by blogging? So typically I end up spending more time over here these days and the Annex has become the main site more or less.

When I began writing stories back in 2011, there was hardly anything here. Now there’s more than enough to keep you entertained for quite a long time if you’re into reading stories about gay men and boys.

Indeed, if I got paid by the word, I’d be very well off by now. But, alas, I foolishly made the mistake of giving away my stories for free so I’m no better off today than I was when I began. Perhaps my loss is your gain, but you’ll actually have to read the stories to make your own judgment about that 🙂

If you’re wondering where to begin, the drop-down menu at the top of this page will connect you to all of my stories. There’s also a menu to the right further down if you have problems navigating the one up above.

Wondering which story to begin with? Unless it’s around Thanksgiving or Christmas, I probably wouldn’t recommend beginning with Stuffed or With Apologies Mr. Dickens. They’re part of my Holiday Tales and probably better read around the end of the year.

Connected was the first story I posted and is probably still my favorite for that reason. But I think I’ve gotten better as a writer over the years. My last two stories, First Love, First Time and The Opened Door, is one way for you to decide whether I’m right about that. Both are set at Harvard University, the former back in the 1970s and the latter in contemporary America.

Summer Boys, Summer Dreams is a tale built around baseball and another one of my favorites. Although it probably helps, you don’t really have to be into baseball that much to enjoy it.

Or you could just read all of them in whatever order you like. I’m not picky about things like that 🙂

Not ready to start reading yet? Perhaps the picture galleries here and at the Café will delight your eyes. Almost all of the images have been used at one time or another to illustrate a chapter in one of my stories or drive home a point in one of my blog postings.

You can access a larger version of these images by clicking on the thumbnails. I hope you’ll feel free to comment on your favorites as I’ve already done in many cases; nicely, of course. Nastiness is frowned upon both here and at the Café and will be dealt with severely.

Dancing is always permitted at this site, of course, especially if you’re young and cute like that boy up above. If you click on that image, you’ll see more of his dance moves. He tries for sexy, but can’t quite pull it off. What he does pull off, however, is even better.

He reminds us what it’s like to be happy and carefree and what more can you ask for than that? Who knows? He might even be the model for a character in my next story.

Though you should probably turn down the sound on your computer if you do click on the image and don’t want everyone to know just how much of a slacker your are 🙂

At the moment I’m taking a bit of a break having just finished my latest story, First Love, First Time, which is part of The Liberation Anthology. You can learn more about that project by clicking on the link. I’m trying to decide whether to begin posting another new story in the next month or so. You can find out more about that by checking out the post directly below this one.

In any event, thanks for stopping by. Like I said, the stories are free to read so dig in; and since you won’t be able to finish up in one visit, I hope you’ll feel free to come back and read all of them at your leisure.

Unlike Donald Trump, we welcome everyone at this site; even people with challenged hair 🙂


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