Chapter 10 …

By the rude bridge that arched the flood ...

Tonight’s chapter concludes Part I of First Love, First Time. Whether there will be any more parts remains to be seen. The story could continue in the future if that’s what you want. But since I didn’t receive any suggestions regarding how to end Part I this evening, I’m guessing tonight’s chapter will be the end of the story.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I enjoyed writing this story more than most and I’m satisfied with the tale as it comes to its conclusion this evening. I’ll be posting again later this week about the story. If you’re interested in seeing it continue, be sure to check out that post. For now, however, we need to finish Part I.

As you’ll recall, Lane finally revealed he was homosexual to Bruce in last week’s chapter, but only after Bruce had previously done the same thing in Chapter 8. Having discovered they shared a similar sexual orientation, Lane seemed eager to take their relationship further.

Bruce rebuffed his efforts, however, partly because he didn’t see Lane being happy if he settled down in North Adams and partly because he didn’t feel Lane was ready for a relationship with another man quite yet.

Having difficulty coming to grips with what he had learned the previous evening, Lane decided to revisit the lake the next day. Eventually Bruce joined him there and the two went for a walk in the woods.

Left undecided as the chapter ended was whether Lane and Bruce might attempt to build a life together. Whether tonight’s chapter will answer that question remains to be seen. You’ll have to read Chapter 10, which I’ve now posted, to find out.

I hope the ending won’t disappoint you, but thanks for reading the story no matter what.

As mentioned, I’ll be back with another post about the story on Thursday if you’re interested in seeing it continue. I’ll also be posting sometime next week about my plans for this site and the future.


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