Chapter 9 …

wooded beauty

As you may recall from last week’s chapter, Bruce picked up Lane at his home and the two drove to Wahconah Park in Pittsfield where they took in what proved to be an exciting minor league baseball game.

From there they drove to a nearby restaurant, The Mill on the Floss. I’ve never eaten there myself so I can’t really say how good the food is. But both Lane and Bruce seemed to enjoy it so it may be worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.

Feel free to write a review if you do. I’ll be happy to post it here 🙂

At the restaurant Lane struggled to get a conversation going, but eventually Bruce came to his rescue by filling him in on what had happened to him after high school. Drafted by the Boston Red Sox, he bounced around the minor leagues before eventually realizing he was never going to make it all the way to the top.

Once he realized that, Bruce decided he wanted to coach. Following a conversation with the principal at St. Joseph’s High School, he accumulated enough credits for his college degree over a number of years. Then he gave up baseball and returned to North Adams where he ended up teaching and coaching at St. Joe’s.

In turn, Lane explained how he wound up at Harvard, but decided he couldn’t pursue what he wanted to talk to Bruce about without letting him he know he was homosexual. That was something he still wasn’t ready to do so the two spent their dinner together talking about other things.

On the drive home, Lane thanked Bruce for being a caring person and the perfect role model for him when he was younger. In the ensuing conversation, one thing led to another and then to an intense discussion of that day at the lake the two boys had spent together when Lane was fourteen. That ended with a surprising revelation for Lane, which is precisely where we’ll pick up this evening.

Tonight’s chapter sets the stage for the conclusion of Part I of our story next week and that poses something of a dilemma for me. As I drafted the story, I tested out several possible endings for Part I and finally settled on the one I thought best at that time.

And yet I’ve told you all along that this is an experimental story so nothing is set in concrete. If you’re hoping for a particular ending after reading tonight’s chapter, feel free to let me know either by leaving a comment or emailing me.

I’m not saying I’ll agree with what you propose and change the tentative ending I’ve already written. It’s possible I could, but I’m really more curious to know how you as readers would like to see Part I end after you’ve finished tonight’s chapter. Like I mentioned, nothing is written in stone.

The point is I could change the ending if I wanted to. But if you have a particular ending you favor, you’ll have to let me know pretty quickly. Either that or possibly be willing to wait two weeks for the final chapter.

One thing I would stress, however, is you really need to think about the whole story, not just the last couple of chapters, if you decide to make a suggestion. Bruce is obviously an important person for Lane, but so is Paul even if we haven’t seen very much of him lately.

In any event, Chapter 9 is up. I hope you enjoy it; and I really do encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to affect the outcome of Part I. I may not change anything, but there really are many possible endings for Part I and none is the perfect one.

There are just different endings, one of which may appeal to me or you or to that young man up above more than others. I was looking for woodsy and he was the best I could do. Whether he would make a good Bruce is for you to decide.


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