Chapter 8 …

The Mill on the Floss

Tonight’s chapter will prove revealing for Lane. He’ll learn things about his youth he never knew, something that will allow him to put his memories in better context and should have the added benefit of helping you better understand him as readers.

What the chapter will not do is tell us how Lane reacts to what he learns and what effect it will have on him. We’ll have to wait for Chapter 9 for that.

This was not a deliberate decision on my part, one designed to leave you hanging. Once you read the next chapter it should be obvious there was simply too much material to cram into one. Like the saying goes, haste makes waste 😀

In any event, I hope you’ll enjoy tonight’s chapter for what it is, not what it isn’t. Much of the chapter takes place at a restaurant named The Mill on the Floss (featured above and, as always, much better viewed if clicked).

In last week’s chapter Lane revisited some of the places around town that were a big part of his youth. He took a walk through the woods to Kemp Park, where he played Little League baseball and where he had a brief conversation with a young boy after catching a home run with his bare hands.

By the way, having done this myself on more than one occasion, it’s not something I generally recommend unless you’re trying to impress someone you care about a lot 😀

From Kemp Park Lane revisited Windsor Lake, the setting for one of his most powerful memories, the fun afternoon he spent with Bruce when he was fourteen years old. Eventually he headed home through the woods surrounding the lake, following a hidden trail that led him to a rock where he used to spend time thinking about things as a boy.

While there he met another boy named Jimmy and the two had a brief conversation.

Yeah, what was that all about, Kit?

Kit smiles.

You have to pay attention to small details like this, dudes and dudettes; more to the point, you have to have a really good memory.

One more stop, at a hidden location within the woods, and then Lane returned home for the day. Later he looked up Bruce in the high school yearbook and was surprised at just how good looking he was.

While his parents were off playing Bingo at the local church that evening, Lane called Bruce to see whether he would be interested in getting together for lunch or dinner. They talked about a bunch of things and Bruce agreed to meet Lane; indeed he invited Lane to attend a minor league baseball game with him on Saturday in a nearby community.

When Bruce showed up for the game on Saturday, Lane quickly discovered his older friend hadn’t changed very much from his youth. He was still in shape, still had the same baby-face, and was still as attractive as ever.

On the drive to the game in Pittsfield, the two talked about a number of things, including their memories of Billy Reid; the young boy they played ball with in the Little League who died of leukemia.

Tonight’s chapter picks up with their arrival at Wahconah Park in Pittsfield. Have fun reading and be sure to let me know what you think if you’re so inclined.


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