Chapter 6 …

Harvard Yard at night

I had my choice of several images to feature for tonight’s chapter, but decided to use that one above which shows Harvard Yard at night. Darkness seemed appropriate given Lane’s gloomy mood the last time we encountered him.

Like they say, however, it’s always darkest before the dawn, which was the main alternative image I considered using and one well worth your consideration if you’re looking for something more optimistic.

After a bit of a slow start in Harvard Yard, tonight’s chapter will actually skip over a lot of territory I might have spent a lot more time developing in a different kind of story; one that was intended to be more than just a beginning.

We won’t get to see Ken and Amelia get married, for example, or how Lane and Paul spend their last few days on campus before each returns home at the end of the semester. There’s a lot more that could have been developed with both of those story lines and others as well.

Say whatever you will about that, but don’t say I don’t ever do you a favor. I was tempted to split tonight’s chapter into two, which would have left you hanging at an especially interesting and crucial moment. A cheap trick, to be sure, but one I’ve been accused of before; probably correctly 😀

Being the nice guy I am, however, I didn’t do that. Feel free to thank me however you choose; cash, sexual favors, they’re all good.

To recap, last week’s chapter turned out to be quite an introspective one for Lane after Paul left his office. It began with him questioning whether he was right in assuming Paul was heterosexual. Then, ashamed of himself for doubting that, he headed back to his room in Conant Hall.

Once he reached Harvard Yard, however, he found his way back to Memorial Church where Ken and Amelia’s wedding rehearsal had been held earlier in the evening. Still another round of self-doubt caused him to try to recall a time before he realized he was homosexual.

That brought back memories of his First Communion and all the fears, doubts and worries connected with that event; not to mention all the guilt which seems to have played such a big role in his life. Whatever else we know about Lane, it seems fair to say he was a worrier from a very young age.

Later still he recalled the death of one of his Little League teammates and the kind words directed to him by an older youth who played for the team as well.

Tonight’s chapter resumes with Lane still sitting on the steps of Memorial Church in Harvard Yard on the Friday evening before the wedding. I’m not an expert by any means, but Lane seems to be experiencing some kind of catharsis brought on by his impending graduation and years of frustration about his sexuality.

Instead of focusing on the future, he seems to be retreating into the past. Where that will lead him remains to be seen, but we may begin to get a glimpse in tonight’s chapter, which is now up.

Have fun reading and see if you can figure out where I would have ended the chapter if I had decided to split it in two. I don’t think it’ll be real hard, which is probably all the more reason to thank me for not doing so 😀


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