Chapter 5 …

Teaching children they may go to Hell is child abuse ...

In last week’s chapter Lane flew to Washington for a job interview; one that would require him to write a chapter on impeachment for a book about the ways in which Congress can hold other governmental officials accountable.

Apparently the interview went well as Lane was offered the job within a matter of days. With no other prospects in hand, he promptly accepted. Think how frustrated he must have been when his friend Ken told him Brown University had an opening for a teaching position a couple of nights later.

More surprising still, the reason the job was available is that the person Brown had originally hired, a fellow graduate student at Harvard named Allen Reeves, had been arrested for soliciting a male prostitute in downtown Boston. Forced to tell Brown about that, his job offer was promptly rescinded.

The main purpose of Ken’s visit, however, was to ask Lane to be the best man at his wedding to his girlfriend, Amelia, something Lane promptly agreed to do even though he wasn’t enthusiastic about the prospect.

Still later Paul mentioned to Lane he wanted to talk to him about something. They agreed to meet at Lane’s office in Winthrop House after the wedding rehearsal on a Friday evening.

The rehearsal went well, the meeting somewhat less so, as Paul sought Lane’s opinion about whether it would be appropriate for a friend of his to start a romantic relationship with one of his Teaching Fellows.

Lane tried to discourage that since Paul’s friend was a student of the Teaching Fellow. In the aftermath of their conversation, Lane and Paul learned that each of them would be returning to Cambridge for the summer and agreed they would try to get together at that time.

Tonight’s chapter picks up right at the point where Paul is about to leave.

Let me be upfront and tell you that this week’s chapter may not be your cup of tea if you’re Catholic although I’ve tried my best to avoid being offensive. My apologies if you think I’ve failed.

You may also have problems if you don’t like chapters where a character ends up wandering around inside his own mind.

But this was the only way I could think of to get to where we need to go eventually; at least quickly get there. To understand the man Lane is today we need to know much more about how he grew up. We’ll find out more about that in tonight’s chapter, which I’ve now posted.

Not many people seem to be, but have fun doing so if you’re one of those actually reading the story.


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