Have a romantic weekend …

be my valentine :-)

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend everyone!

I’m going to keep this short and simple because I’m still putting the finishing touches on Chapter 1 of my new story, First Love, First Time.

But this weekend is special, of course; it’s a weekend you should be spending being sweet to your sweetie. Need some ideas for how to do that?

Flowers, chocolate or other sweets are traditional, of course, and always welcome. Doing something special like writing a poem or a love note would be welcome as well I’m sure.

And if your sweetie lives anywhere near where I do, his buns are probably freezing right about now so feel free to help warm them up somehow. I’ll leave the details to you, but it’s going to be very cold all weekend so you should definitely start helping immediately 😀

Don’t have a sweetie to be sweet to? Then feel free to be sweet to me.

I’m easy.

You could whisper sweet nothings to me in an e-mail; enclose a (mildly) naughty picture of yourself or someone you think would be the perfect valentine for me; or just tell me what’s going on in your life and what’s on your mind these days. I always like hearing from people.

My Valentine’s gift for you begins with the first installment of that new story I mentioned above so be sure to come back for Chapter 1 Monday evening. It’s the kind of story that will warm your heart, at least I think it will.

In the meantime, find something interesting to do to keep yourself entertained.

Here’s one suggestion I always happily endorse 😀

kiss your sweetie repeatedly :-)


2 thoughts on “Have a romantic weekend …

  1. Happy Valentines Day Kit. I actually thought of you this week as I watched to adolescent monkeys masturbate each other in front of a Hindu temple. (And you that you weren’t going to Get any romantic VD notes)

    1. You’re right … I wasn’t expecting any romantic notes.

      But I’ll be waiting for one nonetheless 😀

      Sounds like it’s probably warmer where you are though so I guess you get the last laugh, Tim.

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