Almost there …

waiting anxiously for a new story :-)

I’m still running behind schedule, but today I posted the synopsis for First Love, First Time. You can access it by clicking the link or from the drop-down menu above where you’ll find it as a sub-heading under The Liberation Anthology.

I’ll be posting the first chapter of this new story a week from today.

As written, First Love, First Time is a standalone tale. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end; if you as a reader choose, you can read it once and be done with the story. However, the story could also continue at a later time depending upon your reaction to it.

If you enjoy it and would like to see it continue and you are willing to engage with me to make that happen, it may continue. But that’s partly up to you because the story will only continue if you’re willing to share your own ideas and suggestions for how it should and I buy into what you’re suggesting.

As you’ll see once you begin reading it a week from tonight, the chapters I’ll be sharing with you in coming weeks are labelled Part I. That raises an obvious question. Where are the remaining parts?

The honest answer is that they don’t exist at the present time. They haven’t been written or even imagined. But they could be out there somewhere in the mind of someone reading Part I.

First Love, First Time is set in 1973 and has a main character and two major secondary characters, all of whom you’ll know reasonably well by the time Part I of the story concludes. As you read the story, you’ll also be introduced to some other, less well developed, characters.

All of the characters in the story were born before 1973; being young, it seems possible, even likely, they’ll live for many years after 1973 and watch as the gay liberation movement in America takes root and grows. That’s where you come in.

How did these characters become the people we first glimpse in 1973? If you want, the story can move back in time and explain how that happened for one or more of them. Alternatively, you can try to answer different questions.

What happened to them in later years? Did the gay liberation movement affect their lives one way or another; if so, how? Did they meet people not yet introduced in the story? If so, who are those people and why are they important?

Or did they live through events in future years that did affect them, say 9/11 for example? What events and how were they affected?

The answer to these questions and others is somewhere inside you the reader if you want them to be. If you’re interested in helping develop further parts of this story after reading it, please stay tuned as I’ll have more to say about how you can do so after we’ve finished Part I.

For now just sit back and enjoy the story and think about how you feel about the characters as you meet them and what you would do with them if you were the author. Later on I’ll share the cast of characters with you along with some tips and suggestions about how you could participate in the story’s future development.

Like I said, it’s an experiment and probably a more difficult one than I currently envisage. How it turns out depends on you at least as much as it does on me.

In any event, I hope you’ll come back a week from today to read Chapter 1 of a story I’m actually quite excited about. Even if it doesn’t continue, I’ll be satisfied with the story as currently written. I hope you will be as well, but you’ll only know for sure if you come back next week and read Chapter 1.

See you then.


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