Happy New Year …



Hard as it is to believe, still another year has come and gone. None of us are younger or better looking, but the changes are small and perhaps more than well compensated for by having grown in wisdom this year; at least I hope that’s the case.

2015 was a good year for me in many ways. I got back into writing stories and posting online and that allowed me to renew some old friendships from days past. I struggled a bit with the story I shared with you, but your support and encouragement kept me going.


I hope 2015 was a good year for you and your loved ones. Hopefully 2016 will be even better for all of us.

I’m not actually here at the moment because I’m looking forward to celebrating the new year’s arrival big time later this evening. But I am thinking about all of you. And while the words remain pretty much the same from year to year, they come from the heart nonetheless.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, have fun welcoming the new year in!

Just be sure to be safe about it! Like I’ve said before, my audience is a small one and I can’t afford for any of you to end up in a hospital or worse.

That said, be sure to give all the boys you meet a kiss from me and break their hearts with your smile! Have fun, be safe, and come back for the new stories 2016 will bring once all the festivities are over 😀

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year …

  1. Happy New Year to you, as well, Kit. Looking forward to more of your great writing.

    My partner and I took in a fund-raiser at a local botanical garden. We were home safe, snug and sober by 9 PM. I never paid much attention to the time passing, but now that I am in my 70’s, I am glad to be able to open my eyes each day.

    Take care,

    George K

    1. Glad to hear the evening was safe and fun for you and your partner, George. I got home a bit later than you 😀 Like you, however, I got home safe and sober … and even still sufficiently alert to do a bit of snuggling as well 😀

      In any event, no matter what age, it’s always nice to have the eyes open to another day every morning … although I suspect those who are older may cherish those days more and take them less for granted.

      Thanks for the greetings. I am looking forward to the new year, which is now upon us.

  2. Happy New Year KIt!
    If you continue to write stories as great as last year’s, you’ll be busy and I and other readers will have another great year visiting The Annex.

    1. Thank you, Geoff. It’ll probably be almost day two of the new year by the time you read this, but please accept my best wishes nonetheless.

      I like the stories I have planned for the new year much better than last year’s tale, but things can be funny that way. Sometimes people enjoy the stories I think are not my best so I suppose the opposite could happen as well.

      I guess only time will tell. I also know the only way you’ll be able to decide is by coming back and taking a look at the new stories.

      See you soon …

  3. Cheers to you, Kit, as we ring in 2016 Cowtown style in Fort Worth Texas‼️
    I hope you kissed someone young and smooth at midnight. 💋💋💋💋

    1. Hmm … I’m trying to figure out whether I was in bed by the time you were ringing the new year in. I suppose it depends on whether the time difference is two or three hours.

      Oh, hell, who cares? I’m sure both of us rang it in spectacularly. Your hope was fulfilled by the way … and more than once 😀

      Happy New Year, Dean!

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