Site Changes …

Change is good :-)

I’ve made some changes at The Annex this weekend. They’re not especially dramatic because the theme I switched to is fairly similar to the theme I had been using. But the page header will look better if and when I eventually end up adding a second line of stories to the menu at the top of the page.

Although the changes are mostly subtle, I think they’ll be helpful to you. Wherever you are on the site, for example, you can always get back to the main page by clicking on the Home button in the top menu; and as you move around the site, it will also be easier to know where you are.

If you click on the Connected heading in the top menu, for example, you’ll be moved to that page and the top menu will highlight the actual page you’re on in a darker black color. If you then click on one of the chapters, that will also be highlighted in black as well.

In other words, you’ll have a better sense of where you are on the site at any given time as well as an easier way to get back to the main page.

In still another change I’ve added a new placeholder, Holiday Tales, to the main menu at the top of the page and moved With Apologies Mr. Dickens and Stuffed to sub-menus under that heading.

I also edited the chapters under those two stories so you can move to the next chapter easily just by clicking on a link when you reach the end of the chapter you’re reading. That change will mostly benefit new readers, not those of you who have already read the stories.

Moving those two stories under the Holiday Tales link freed up some space on the top menu for now. The Liberation Anthology link in the top menu will work the same way once I start adding a synopsis and chapters for the two stories planned for 2016.

I debated whether I should eliminate the links that run down the right side of the page (under the Read One Of My Stories heading) that provide an alternative second way to reach any story or chapter, but I’m going to leave them for now as some people find it difficult to access specific chapters through the top menu on their iPads or tablets.

I’ve made a few other small changes at The Annex as well, but I think the site still looks pretty familiar.

I’ve also updated the About page at the main site and fixed some other problems I discovered there. I’ve decided to continue using the old theme for now at the main portion of this blog. For one thing, you’ll be able to compare the two sites and let me know if you have a preference one way or the other. It will also make it a little easier to be sure which site you’re on.

Finally I added a few new pictures to the Galleries at both sites.

I realize most of you aren’t terribly interested in any of this, but hopefully it shows I’m constantly looking for ways to make your experience on both of these sites a better one.


4 thoughts on “Site Changes …

  1. That’s all great… You’re so dedicated to your readers. But I saw the photo and forgot all about that stuff. I’m breathless!

    1. Whether locally or from the web, we try to bring readers only the finest, Dean 😀

      And it was a metaphor too. You were supposed to focus on the fact he was changing his shirt, not anything else.

  2. I really have enjoyed your other stories but I have omen problem with them- the navigation. On an iPhone 6 I always end up having to scroll through every chalet of every book to get to the next chapter. Could you put a link at the botyom of each chapter saying ‘next chapter’ ? I know you would have to do this only when you have written the next chapter!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Harry. From what I can tell, this is mostly a problem for people who read the stories on their phones. I think you lose a lot if you read on a small screen like that, but it’s not for me to decide how people should read the stories and I do understand the problem you’ve described..

      At first glance I’m sure it must seem like your suggestion is a simple one, but it’s actually quite a bit of additional work for something that already consumes a lot of my time. And that means it would also further reduce the amount of time I have to actually write stories as opposed to managing a web site.

      Having said that, I’ve already done this for two of the stories, With Apologies Mr. Dickens and Stuffed; and I may try to do it for at least some of the others during January to the extent I can while also getting some time away from the site.

      As for future stories, I’m not sure exactly what to do. You’re right. I would have to have already written and posted the next chapter before I could add such a link to the end of the previous chapter.

      That’s not an impossible thing to do. But in addition to adding one more thing to my checklist to do every week, it might encourage people to hold off reading the story until all of the chapters have been posted.

      I realize that’s how some people prefer to read stories, but I really like the serial way of posting a story online and the feedback I get from readers every week using that method. That’s how writers like Dickens used to do it and I don’t want to encourage people to hold back from reading the new chapter each week.

      So I’ll have to think about that some more. I could wait until I’ve finished a story and then go back and add such links as I’m trying to do now for previous stories; or I could just build it into my checklist of things to do every week. Like I said, I want to think about that some more; and if others have thoughts on this, feel free to share them with me.

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