Chapter 18

filtered but inviting and clickable nonetheless :-)

We have a longer chapter than usual this week so I’ll try to keep this introduction brief. Last week Sean confronted Tony and Warren about how they were treating him. Having assessed both the men and the situations correctly, he walked away the victor in their confrontations.

During his break Sean also learned Holden had delivered his petition for admission to Professor Jeffords and that everything was in order. Holden also mentioned his encounter with Roger and how Roger still wanted to apologize to Sean.

Later, on his way to Wigglesworth at the end of the day, Sean ran into Roger. Roger congratulated him on his good fortune. Eventually he asked whether Sean could sell him some marijuana, but Sean explained he was no longer dealing.

Not easily deterred, Roger continued to press the matter. In the end, Sean agreed to ask Holden whether he was willing to give the bag of pot Sean had sold him to Roger as a gift.

As I said, this week’s chapter is longer than usual so be sure to get comfortable before you take it on. Unlike some others, this chapter requires your full attention. Among other things, we’ll finally find out whether Roger is as bad as everyone seems to think. I’m rooting for a surprise myself, but only time will tell.

I’ll have a postscript to Stuffed on Thursday so be sure to come back for that; and it looks like we’ll finish up with The Opened Door before Christmas. Once we do I’ll try to give you some idea of what my plans are for the coming year.

Have fun reading and be sure to let me know what you think.


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