Chapter 15

on the defining issue of the day, i choose briefs :-)

Tonight’s chapter starts to pull together some of the story-lines I’ve previously put in place, but finding an image to capture all its dimensions was impossible. I had to make a choice and wasn’t certain which aspect of the chapter would prove most appealing to you.

We could have had a food image or a baseball image or even an image of the Charles River in Cambridge, but after some difficult reflection I decided the image above would probably prove the most captivating. Sometimes you just have to make a wild guess at things like that 😀

Last week Holden was able to persuade Sean to accept Professor Jeffords’ invitation to the Red Sox game Saturday night; and, a bit more reluctantly, to also accept the invitation to have dinner before the game as well. Later, after attending a movie and returning to Wigglesworth, the two boys kissed and Holden tried to persuade Sean to spend the evening with him.

While Sean wasn’t able to do that, he did tell Holden he had stopped selling marijuana and then asked him whether his invitation to share an apartment that summer was still good.

Holden made it clear that it was; better still, knowing how dicey Sean’s situation was at home, he also made it clear Kevin could join them as well. That’s important for Sean because he’s anxious to get Kevin out of the house and away from their father.

Sean returned home later that night and came out to his little brother. He also told him about the invitation to share the apartment with Holden that summer. Kev was reluctant to do that at first, not wanting to get between Sean and Holden. But eventually he warmed to the idea and that’s where the chapter ended.

You’ll have to read on to find out what happens next and to see whether that image above is just another tease. Whatever the case may be, Chapter 15 is up. Have fun reading and be sure to come back Thursday evening for the first installement of Stuffed.


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