Chapter 14

From me and a few of my friends ... I'm the cute one :-)

Happy Halloween from me and a few of my friends … belatedly. If you missed the fun and festivities and need to get rid of those leftover treats, feel free to send them to me 😀

I don’t have much of an introduction for you this week. Partly that’s because I was too busy having fun to write one in the run-up to Halloween; and since no one ever comments on these introductions in any event and many of you aren’t even reading them, it became a lower priority for me.

But mostly I don’t have much because things have been incredibly busy for me these last few weeks and this past week has been the busiest of all.

I won’t get into what’s going on, but suffice it to say there’s a lot happening in my life at the moment. To say the least, trying to stay on top of everything has been challenging. And this week things will become even more challenging for reasons I won’t go into right now.

Just keep your eyes open for an announcement on Thursday; and, no, I’m not getting married although I actually did attend a marriage this week, which was fun. Young love is such a beautiful thing, but spending time with all the cute boys, including some friends from California I haven’t seen in a long time, was better.

A lot better!

Usually I’m the one saying I should move to California whenever we get together, but the wedding was held in a rural setting and the foliage on the drive down was spectacular. For once my friends were jealous and ended up wondering whether they should move back east!

In any event, the wedding is over now so the happy couple can move on to all the bickering while I get back to the story 😀

As busy as things have been, I haven’t been too busy to notice I’m not hearing from some of my old friends who used to comment a lot, people like George K., for example, and perhaps some others I’m missing as well. I hope everyone is okay and that the absence of comments simply means you’re bored by the story, not sick or something worse.

It seems like interest in the story has dropped off and that includes for me as well because you can only go over something so many times before your brain gets totally fried. I’m looking forward to the story being over as much as anyone so I can move on to some other stories I like much more.

Whatever you think of the story, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know we’ll begin the turn toward its end this evening. The end may not come soon enough for some of you, but I think it will have its moments for those still paying attention.

In any event, we know Holden met with Professor Jeffords in last week’s chapter to see whether he should be encouraging Sean to apply to Harvard. It was a productive conversation for him because he learned some interesting things in the process and seems to have enlisted an ally in the good Professor.

Of course, people seem to be taking it for granted that Sean is home free at this point. That could be true, I suppose, but you never know what might happen to him along the way; or to Holden for that matter.

As I like to say, the only way to know for sure is to read on. Chapter 14 should be up. I hope those of you still reading the story enjoy it.


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