Chapter 12

altar boy cute!


Hopefully this post will magically appear at the assigned hour. If so, I’m still away but thinking of you. If not, how can you possibly be reading this 😀

I was pressed for time putting this introduction together before I left so I thought I’d share a little insight about what one of the things I do when I’m writing a story. Once I have the kernel of the storyline and an idea of who the characters will be I try to find pictures for each of them.

Usually I find those pictures on the internet although occasionally I’ll use a real life image of a friend (with permission, of course). Having pictures helps in ways large and small as I try to develop the characters throughout the course of the story.

It’s one of the fun parts about storytelling, at least for me, and you’d be surprised how often I turn to those pictures to help me better understand the character I’m writing about. There are times when they actually tell me which way to go although I probably shouldn’t admit that if I want to avoid men in white coats coming for me.

Having said this, I hardly ever share those pictures with you because I think every reader should be free to develop his own mental portraits of the different characters in my stories. Why should the author be the only one to have fun?

Still, for minor characters who get little play in the story, I suppose that’s less important. Hence the image of that cute boy above.

I’m not saying for sure that’s Kevin’s boyfriend, Bobby, who’s been playing a minor role in the story; after all, Kevin gets to pick his own boyfriend.

But that could be Bobby I suppose; and because I’m actually sorry I won’t be able to develop Bobby more as a character, I thought I would share the image of him that was in my mind when I was writing the story.

Feel free to ignore it if you want, but that’s my definition of altar boy cute.

Tonight’s chapter is long. I did my best to scale it back late Tuesday evening, but finally ran out of time. I never got to do the final quality check I usually perform so it may be rough.

There’s a lot going on in the chapter, especially toward the very end, so be sure to get yourself settled in and comfortable before you begin reading.

As you’ll recall, Sean took Kevin and Bobby to a Red Sox game in the last chapter, but only after teaching his little brother an important lesson in life. Whatever else you may do, try to avoid making your mother cry!

But now, with the game over and the Red Sox victorious (this is fiction after all), Sean’s on his way back to Cambridge and you have to wonder what’s going to happen next.

By the way, the more we learn about Sean, the more it’s apparent he has good instincts and is pretty decent to boot. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think Holden has made a good choice in a friend.

But Sean does seem to have a lot on his plate for an eighteen year old and he’s about to get quite a bit more added. What you may be wondering?

There’s only way to find out for sure and hopefully Chapter 12 has also magically appeared. If so, it’ll be narrated by Holden. If not, check back in a couple of days and I’ll post it on my return.

Have fun reading and be sure to let me know what you think.


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