Chapter 11

omigod! be still my beating heart :-)

Another Red Sox game requires still another tribute to the color red. And what an awesome tribute he is if I do say so myself 😀

Assuming you can pull your eyes away from that friend of mine, I just want to remind you I’ll be away for a week starting Wednesday. As I mentioned in this earlier post, there’s always a chance I could screw up the scheduling of next week’s chapter. Let’s hope not, but I’ve tried to leave you with someone beautiful to think about in my absence should that happen.

Today is Columbus Day in the United States, another one of our obscure holidays. If you’re Italian, I guess it’s important, but none of my Italian friends seem to think so.

By the way, happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. Be sure to come back in November when we’ll be celebrating our version of that holiday here in the States. I’ve often wondered how similar the two holidays are. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a chance to find out.

The last chapter ended with Sean and Holden parting after they spent a fun day together; first taking in a Red Sox game, then having dinner back in Cambridge, and finally ending up back in Wigglesworth where Sean helped Holden discover the answer to a challenging math problem.

When Sean couldn’t stay, Holden walked him home. He was pretty close to revealing he’s gay at that point and Sean seemed to be trying to let him know he was fine with that. But the two boys aren’t yet there yet.

I understand the frustration of those who feel they boys should have been getting it on the moment they met. If you go back and read the original post announcing this story, however, I never promised there would be very much sex in the story. Indeed, what I told you was quite the opposite.

I also indicated the story had problems despite the many changes I made before deciding to post it, but it’s kind of late to be revisiting that point. All I can say is Chapter 11 is available to read if you want to do that.

If you comment before late tomorrow evening, I should be able to post your comment and respond to it before I leave. After that it’s hard to say. I’m not bringing any electronics along with me on this trip, but I may have access to the internet at times.

If so, I’ll try to respond to any comments or e-mails I receive after leaving. And hopefully I’ll be back around October 22. If I am, I’ll post any comments and respond to any e-mails I missed while away.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 11

    1. I’m looking forward to some time away, Dean, partly because it’s been hard getting back into the routine of weekly postings and partly because I know what the coming months and next year will be bringing. Looks like rain, though; rain seems to follow me wherever I head in the fall.

      Have fun reading, Dean.

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