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welcome autumn

Finally! Here’s that picture of me you’ve all been waiting for and I’m even smiling; I will admit I need some dental work, but who can afford a dentist these days?

To come straight to the point, the next couple of months are going to be very busy for me. I’ll be away from home for a week starting October 14. Since I want to keep posting chapters on a regular schedule for you, that means I’m currently working on three different chapters.

I’ve done this before at times and usually it works out just fine. There shouldn’t be a problem with Chapter 11. I’ll post that next Monday as planned. But there’s a chance Chapter 12, which is supposed to go online on October 19, might not because I’ve screwed something up trying to schedule it to appear on that date.

If that happens, hang in there and be patient. I’ll post it when I get back, which should be around October 22 if all goes well; and even though I’ll be behind schedule in terms of getting Chapter 13 prepared, I’m still planning to post it on October 26 right now.

The main reason for mentioning all of this is to let you know the next three chapters may be a little rougher around the edges without the usual amount of time I spend editing them. Like the saying goes, it is what it is, but I’ll do my best.

At this point it’s hard to say whether I’ll be able to post your comments or respond in a timely manner to e-mails the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to say something more about that in my introduction to Chapter 11 next Monday.

Whatever happens, don’t be shy about commenting or sending me an e-mail. I’ll respond as quickly as I can and certainly soon after I get back to town. I wouldn’t want anyone to hold off thinking I’ll never be back in touch. I will be; assuming my journey is a safe one, of course.

November will be busy for another reason entirely. I have a bit of a surprise for you. But don’t worry. All of you will be getting invitations to my wedding and personally I think I look quite radiant in white; assuming getting married is the surprise, of course. It could be something else I suppose, in which case I’m probably just teasing.

The point is things will be picking up the next two months so bear with me while I do my best to keep on top of stuff; and you should definitely check back here regularly so you can do the same thing.

I’ve also updated the galleries with some new pictures, but you’ve probably seen all of them already by now if you’re reading this. In the future, I may just post them without notification.


18 thoughts on “Posting Schedule & More

    1. Perhaps, calvin, but mostly I have a skin problem. If you take another look at that pic, you’ll see how dried out my skin is.

      I’m begging you to send a good moisturizer while I’m away 😀

  1. We’ll still offer our two cents worth 😉

    Post the diary of your wedding night. I’m sure we can tell you how you should have done it better, LOL.

    1. Don’t wait for the diary to be posted, gopher. I’m more interested in some advanced tips on to how to make the night new and more interesting.

      If I get enough tips, I’ll choose a winner and let him video the whole thing 😀

  2. LOL. I’ll order my flight!

    Start with old-fashioned red roses in a vase by the bed. (By that time of the evening you two will have already decided who is the bloom and who is the prick.) There will be two glasses of red wine waiting for you, already filled by the hotel staff just before you arrive, next to a bottle of NZ Central Otago Pinot Noir. (Probably “Roaring Meg”?) At the base of each glass will be a condom pack (condom and water-based lube sachet). Ideally they would have been paid for by the NZ Government and display the LYC (Love Your Condom) heading over the condom-covered penis with wings logo. (NZ’s Aids Foundation promo for safe sex – funded by the NZ Govt.)

    After you have showered together (delicately and not productively) you will lead him to bed and lie back drinking another glass of that wine. You will have arranged with the hotel for there to be a digital projector aiming at the ceiling above your bed. As you reach for your glass you will hit the “project” button.

    The PowerPoint photo show will display your favourite photos from the life you have already shared leading into this significant night. The last slide will be one you have made …

    “I love you intensely and now I want to show you how much.” (Obviously I don’t know whether or not there is a “top” or “bottom” in your relationship. I’m sure both of you have worked out those details 😉 )

    About then my video camera begins LOL.



  3. White ? WHITE ! Okay Kit …. If you are planning to wear white then apparently you posted this notice in 1985. Love ya all the same. Have a sweet trip.

      1. Go ahead and wear white. I won’t tell anyone. Besides … I suspect you’ve been covered in white before. 😉

  4. Ah. I forgot to mention that after the camera started the boi in wrestling attire enters carrying the same presents the “santa claus boi” was carrying. In the larger box is the rainbow cake with the cherry on top. The smaller packages … some of them glow in the dark and vibrate horrendously.

    Did I mention he was also carrying a cat’o’ninetails? The same sort of pain being suffered by the grid-iron player if his kick doesn’t go over!

    Given the number of sweet and sours in the other photos … sweetness with a bit of piquant sounds appropriate.


    1. Uh, well, keep working on it, gopher. I’m not into pain that much, but you still have a little time to rework your scenario if you wish.

      Alternatively, I’ll make it simpler for you. If I was choosing a husband, would I select: (a) Superman, (b) Batman, (c) Spider-Man, (d) Tarzan, or (e) a younger version of Tom Cruise?

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