Chapter 7

what is the boy in red thinking?

Some wrestling imagery seemed appropriate for this latest installment of our story, partly for reasons that will become evident soon enough but also because Sean seems to have been wrestling with himself quite a bit these last few chapters.

Indeed, Sean and Holden seem to have been wrestling in some ways as well although neither seems to have achieved the upper hand in their little match. That’s probably a good thing I suspect.

Finding a good wrestling image proved difficult, however. It turns out that high school wrestlers grimace a lot as they go about the task and grimacing is hardly ever aesthetically pleasing. They also seem to end up in some incredibly odd positions which, while occasionally interesting and perhaps even revealing, were not what I was looking for.

In the end, I searched the internet far and wide trying to find a compelling image. I looked at sculptures of wrestlers, both small and large. I looked at marble wrestlers and bronze wrestlers, wrestlers who were upside down and heels over head, but eventually settled on the image of the two wrestlers you see above.

While probably not entirely satisfactory, there was something about the look on the face of that boy in red that kept drawing me back to the image. Is he tired; resigned to defeat; planning his next move? Your guess is as good as mine.

Tonight’s chapter marks the unofficial end of Part I of The Opened Door. I had actually planned to make the division official, but forgot to do so initially and then it became too much of a hassle to fix my mistake. But take my word for it. The story does have two parts and Chapter 7 is the last in Part I.

It’s also a bit shorter than most of the rest, but hopefully these first seven chapters have collectively laid a good foundation for what comes next.

There weren’t too many comments or e-mails about the last chapter so I could be wrong, but apparently most of you missed the surprise hidden in that chapter. I won’t fill you in for now, but perhaps next week’s chapter will prove a better reminder.

In any event, it’s been another insanely busy week for me working on future stories so I had little time for any internet research other than my search for the right two wrestlers.

However, the good news is I’m feeling excited about the stories I’ve been working on; or, to put it another way, I haven’t experienced some of the agonies associated with this story so hopefully that’s a positive sign.

I still have a ways to go, however, so hold your breath. I could still manage to screw things up in the next couple of weeks. If not, you’ll start to see some of the fruits of my labor pretty soon.

Chapter 7 is up. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, feel free to let me know by posting a comment or sending an e-mail. As I mentioned to one person who commented on the last chapter, comments are like hugs for the author.

Depending on how you envision me, of course, that may or may not be a good thing 🙂


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