Chapter 6

pensive but cute

I was busy this week working on the next two stories I plan to share with you, one of which will likely run simultaneously with The Opened Door later this year if all goes well. This is the American way after all. Buy one, get one free!

In any event, I did manage to do a lot of writing this week, most of it pretty good I think although you may beg to differ when I get around to posting the stories online.

The point is I was writing and didn’t have time to do my internet research for the week; and it was a short week in any event given the Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is a holiday we celebrate in America where we prove how hard working we are by taking an extra day off to relax or buy stuff.

It’s not one of the more popular of our holidays because it traditionally signals the end of summer; and also because it celebrates unions and the labor movement, neither of which Americans are especially fond of these days. In America we love to think everything we’ve accomplished in life is because of our own hard work.

God forbid we give any credit to the collective efforts of working men and women. Indeed, I kind of expect we’ll be changing the name of the holiday pretty soon to Entrepreneur Day or, better still, Capitalism Day, so we can celebrate those captains of industry who have done so much for America; like giving us ever increasing income inequality.

The point is it was a short work week in America as we prepared for the weekend; and since tonight’s chapter takes place inside Wigglesworth Hall again in any event and there was no obvious landmark or building to research, I was left with a dilemma. What image should I share with you this week?

The obvious choices were pizza, which is central to this evening’s chapter, or that picture up there of me sitting in my alcove scribbling away on my next stories.

Hmmm, Kit . . . pizza or me; pizza or me. Which do you think your readers would prefer?

Not that I actually have an alcove, of course; and I believe I may be the only person in the whole world who doesn’t drink coffee since I’m already much too wired. And usually I try to avoid looking pensive like that, of course. I don’t do pensive well. But other than that I suppose that could be a picture of me hard at work.

By the way, that image really does look much better in the larger version, which you can access by clicking on it; although that young man definitely needs a good moisturizer for his skin 🙂

And if you prefer pizza to me after looking at the larger image and are reading this at The Annex, feel free to grab a slice from that image in the Gallery to your right. I would avoid the Cracker Jack bag though; that stuff can be hard on your teeth.

There are some fresh tomatoes and apples waiting for you in the Gallery if you’re reading this at the Café, but neither of those have anything to with tonight’s chapter as far as I know.

The point is that I don’t have any good gossip to share with you this week about Harvard so that’s how you ended up with that image above. He’s a fine looking lad and I’m sure he’ll eventually make his way to one of the Galleries.

Having said all of this, you may recall Sean was attempting to say good-bye at the end of the last chapter so he could go home. But Holden, being enterprising and knowing everyone in America loves free food, took advantage of Sean’s hunger and offered to buy a pizza for the two of them.

Given the choice between free food and being nagged by his mother, what do you think young Sean will do? But even if you suspect you already know the answer, you may still want to read the chapter because who knows? There might be a surprise buried somewhere in there for those of you who’ve read my other stories; or, then again, maybe not 🙂

The only way you’ll ever find out for sure is by reading the next chapter, which is now up; and feel free to share your reaction to this week’s turn of events by commenting at the end of the chapter or sending me an e-mail.


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