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August 20, 2015 Update: As you can see, I’m still tinkering a little, but I’m pretty certain I’m going to stick with this theme. I do have one question though. Do you find the listing of stories by chapter further down on the right of this site helpful?

The reason I ask is that you can always access story chapters through the drop-down menus near the top of this site. In fact, I suspect you can probably access them easier there than to your right. I don’t have a problem leaving them available on the right if they’re helpful. It’s just that they go on forever as I add more stories.

In any event, feel free to let me know if you have an opinion on this one way or the other. Thanks.

August 18, 2015, Original Post

Welcome to the all new redesigned Café Palermo and The Annex. We took all the royalties I’ve earned from the sale of my stories and plowed them back into the joint in an effort to better serve our many customers, including you.

I hope you like the new design. After some stumbles, I think we’re going to go with this one although I may tinker with various elements even after making this announcement.

To those of you who were here from the beginning back in June, 2011, this is the third major redesign of the site. There was the original Misty Look which you can see by clicking on the link. And then there was the now departed Greysed theme. Both of them served us well, but I guess change is inevitable.

But, then again, who knows? Like Marty McFly of movie fame, I would never rule out going back to the future 🙂

To me this new theme, Delicacy, and the changes I’ve made to it make for a cleaner design; one that’s brighter and less gloomy. However, the major benefit of the redesign is that it will allow me to add some new stories with dropdown menus to the top of The Annex in 2016 without having to spend a lot of time reorganizing everything I’ve written so far.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, but my sense is most of you are more interested in the stories than the site design; and that’s fine too. Hopefully the design of this site will make things easier for you as well, not just for me.


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