Chapter 2

love those undies dude :-)

Much like that boy up above, I spent a lot of the past week turning myself upside down in search of an image that would capture the essence of tonight’s chapter. I had to reject some because they would have given away too much. Most of the rest were either boring or copyrighted.

In the end, I decided to feature the cute lad himself. Who knows who he is? He could even be someone we’ll end up meeting in this chapter for all we know; or perhaps not. It’s all in the imagination after all 🙂

If you haven’t already done so, I want to encourage everyone to visit my new Links page. It’s still a bit rough and there’s not a lot there yet. But I’m hoping I’ll run into some other other authors who would like to exchange links. That might increase the number of people reading our stories while also pointing you to some other sites you might enjoy.

If you know someone whose stories you like, feel free to pass that information along and I’ll check to see whether he’s interested in exchanging links with me. Or if you visit other story sites and want to put in a plug for my stories, that would also be welcomed. I wouldn’t suggest you do that on Nifty or IOMfAtS, however.

In the meantime, please visit the first site listed on the Links page. Mark has been helping me out in more ways than one this week and I want him to feel the love from some of my own readers as well.

Tonight we’ll discover what happens to Sean, at least in the short term, but not before we find out what the rest of his day was like. You’ll be introduced to some new characters and learn more about the ones you’ve already met. In the end, however, we’ll find out what fate has in store for Sean.

Will he escape the cops pursuing him or will he end up in jail? If he escapes, how? And what happens next? If he ends up in jail on the other hand, will it be with Bubba or perhaps someone entirely different from the redneck he’s worried about?

There are lots of possible outcomes for Sean, but the only way you’re going to to find out what actually happens to him is by reading Chapter 2. I will say this. If you read this chapter and it doesn’t do anything for you, this may not be the story you’re looking for 🙂

Not that I’m trying to discourage anyone from continuing with the story. I do think it gets better, especially in Part II. But I also believe this is a pretty good chapter. If you agree, don’t be shy about letting me know either by sending me an e-mail or commenting at the end of the chapter.

For now, have fun reading and be sure to encourage your friends to stop by the Café for a visit.


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