Chapter 1

But just why is the gate there then?

At the end of the prologue last week, we left Sean on the ground leaning against the wall of Widener Library in Harvard Yard. In this and the following chapter we’ll learn more about what brought him there before finding out whether he’s fated to spend the night in jail with Bubba and how that turns out if he does 🙂

Keep in mind that almost everything that happens in these next two chapters is taking place inside Sean’s head as he recalls what’s brought him to the Yard; and that’s happening much more quickly than you’re reading it, of course. Sean is only taking a rest after all and his mind is racing through everything leading up to his current predicament.

Turnout for the Prologue this past week was smaller than I hoped for so I would like to encourage everyone to do whatever they can to call attention to the story. Just think about it; if everyone has one friend who enjoys reading and you persuade him or her to visit this site, my audience would double from paltry to insignificant 🙂

I did have one response to my posting over at the blog and I’m pursuing that suggestion. I appreciate it very much and I’m open to receiving others. I understand this isn’t your job as readers, but I’m human after all and can’t help wondering whether the time and effort I put into building and maintaining this site is worth the effort.

In any event, Chapter 1 is up. You can access it via the drop-down menu at the top of this page or by clicking on the appropriate chapter link to your left. Have fun reading and feel free to let me know what you think by posting a comment at the end of the chapter or sending me an e-mail.


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