Welcome …

oh my :-)

Welcome to The Annex at the Café Palermo. Whether you happened upon this site by chance or were referred by a friend, feel free to pull up a chair and spend some time exploring my little internet café. Right now I’m away on an extended vacation, but you’re more than welcome to to read one of my stories for free.

Before you do so, however, you should probably check out this page to learn more about the Café and my stories. If you’re still comfortable spending some time here after doing that, there are three stories you can currently choose among.

Connected was the first story I posted online and Summer Boys, Summer Dreams is the most recent. Both of them are pretty long so they should keep you occupied over the rest of the summer, but I’ve never been able to decide which I prefer so the only advice I can give is to read both and let me know which was your favorite.

To access a chapter you can just mouse over the name of the story up above to reveal a hidden menu. Alternatively, just click on the chapter you want to the left. Reading should be fun and hopefully you’ll find my stories enjoyable, at least if you’re gay and proud and like to read about people like yourself.

The third story, With Apologies Mr. Dickens, is shorter and probably better read when the weather is turning cold and bitter wherever you live. If the weather never turns cold and bitter, try reading it during the Christmas season. Oh, and be sure to send me a plane ticket because I wouldn’t mind coming for an extended visit 🙂

Again, thanks for taking the time to stop by. Please feel free to come back often; and if you enjoy the stories, please be sure to recommend this site to your friends.


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