Chapter 32

he can wash my car anytime :-)

We’re still on schedule to wrap up Part III of Summer Boys, Summer Dreams a week from today and I’m planning to take a break from the story at that time. I’m not sure when I’ll be back after that, but I’ll post a notice here and at the blog on or around January 6, 2014, letting you know when the story will resume.

Exactly how it will resume remains to be seen. I’ll have more to say about that next Monday. For now let me just say that I’m pretty upset with the way things are going in this country (although we did get some great news today). Feeling that way, there are times when I wonder why I’m wasting my time writing stories when I should be spending it fighting for real change in the United States.

There are only so many hours in the day after all and time spent writing is time taken away from opposing policies like those Judge Leon ruled against today. I need to think about that, which mostly means trying to decide whether and to what extent I should scale back the story. One possibility would be to briefly summarize Part IV (Chapters 34 to 47) in a few hundred words and then move on immediately to the conclusion, Part V (Chapters 48 to 53).

Whatever eventually gets decided, I’ve posted a picture above of still another member of our team as well as the latest chapter of our tale. Have fun reading and be sure to let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 32

  1. I don’t understand US politics. Nor do I understand Baseball v well. However I do enjoy this story as it speaks with great power to universal issues of fairness and doing the right thing. It’s a great story written with passion and anything less would just not be right. I think that roughly interprets Coach Lodges talk with Hunter too

  2. Love the way the story is unfolding. Wonder what’s happening with Ethan. I appreciate the Tension between writing and activism with organizations and issues. In my experience as reader and activist for social justice and reform it is possible to do both. Authors i also read have sent appeals for help and readers have responded in the affirmative. Please continue posting all the chapters even if a slower pace and keeping us informed on your activism. After all your writing is supposed to be fun for you!!! And I enjoy your writing even though I’m straight female. I’ve written to you before but can’t find your other address. I appreciated the awareness of helping youth at risk. I will certainly donate and also mention These organizations in my holiday letter. Happy holidays and new year JT

    1. A straight female? Reading my stories? Where did I go wrong 🙂

      If you stay tuned, JT, there might be a surprise for you about what’s happening with Ethan coming up pretty soon. Not saying for sure, but it could happen. Of course, whether it’ll be good news or bad news is even harder to say. Sorry for being such a tease 🙂

      I’m not one of those who would ever use my mailing list, imperfect as it is, to send appeals to people on the issues I care about and/or asking for money. The fact someone likes one of my stories isn’t proof they give a hoot about my causes and concerns. I do blog from time to time; and the very small number of readers who view those posts suggests that not too many people give a damn what I think.

      And that’s fine. I try not to take myself too seriously.

      I’m glad to see you read my blog posting on behalf of homeless and runaway kids. But even that one didn’t get very many hits; and only one person other than yourself even let me know they appreciated it. That’s pretty sad to be honest.

      Writing is fun when it works; frustrating when it doesn’t. Right now I’m stuck somewhere in between. In any event, I haven’t made any final decisions. We’ll just have to see. Like I told someone else, maybe the holidays will improve my mood with the world. Judge Leon’s decision sure did.

      You should have seen that introduction to Chapter 32 before his decision came down. I had to scramble to rewrite it and get it up on time (plus write a blog positing commending Judge Leon). Now if only Obama would listen . . .

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