Chapter 27

Dear Cameron

I’ve posted Chapter 27. It’s been quiet lately and I’ve been bored so I don’t have very much to say this week. The weather is turning colder and I’ve been behaving kind of like a squirrel; gathering up nuts for the long winter ahead. I love nuts 🙂

In any event, I’ll let the chapter speak for itself. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, it would be nice to hear from you. But either way, have fun reading.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 27

  1. Really enjoying this story, as I have all of yours. Just knew it couldn’t last between Cameron and William. The vibes were there in your writing. And like how you have Cameron and hunter helping each other. Look forward eagerly to your posts.

    1. Thanks, Brad. No sense getting everyone heavily invested in William, I guess, but do you know what comes next? That’s the key.

      If you do, I’m not doing a very good job as a writer and I may have to end up killing off your favorite character.

      Kit scratches chin . . . wonders who Brad’s favorite character might be. Kit wanders down to kitchen and begins sharpening knives 🙂

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