Chapter 24

so delicious :-)

I’ve posted Chapter 24. Just so you know, I’ve been busy with some other projects lately and haven’t been spending very much time around here. I hope you’re still enjoying the story, however. I debated whether I should post a picture of a pubic hair to introduce this chapter, but finally decided you would probably prefer that homier image above. That’s a bit of an inside joke so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Things have been a little slow lately, but the pace of the story is about to pick up and I think you’ll like where we’re headed. By the way, if you are enjoying the story, I could use your help in spreading the word about it. As much as I love all of you, I don’t have a lot of readers. Like most authors, I would love to have more and you can help.

I’ve attached a flyer as a pdf file here that anyone can download just by clicking on the link and saving the file. If you feel comfortable doing so, feel free to print the flyer out and post it on any community bulletin boards where you live that serve the LGBT community. Alternatively, you could just e-mail the file with your endorsement to friends who might enjoy the story.

The bottom line is that I would appreciate whatever you can do to help spread the word about Summer Boys, Summer Dreams. In the meantime, have fun reading Chapter 24 and be sure to let me know what you think by posting a comment or sending me an e-mail.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 24

    1. The beach is a project, Tom, but not one I’m currently working on. The weather is supposed to turn colder tonight or tomorrow so I think the beach will be on the backburner for several months at least.

      I wish I could bake a decent apple pie, but I can’t. How about a chocolate cream pie, Tom? Would you like one of those with my special cream topping?

      Kit slaps self! Bad, Kit, bad 🙂

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