Four more years … or maybe not

i'm sorry ... so sorry :-)

I accidentally posted something here that was meant for my blog. I’ve deleted that posting and replaced it with this apology; and now I’m headed over to the blog to post a corrected version of the post that shouldn’t have been posted here over there.

Confused? You’re not alone.

In any event, sorry about that. Stuff happens sometimes 🙂


3 thoughts on “Four more years … or maybe not

  1. What time, Saturday? I’ve never marched for anything. Might be fun.

    Kidding. But seriously, your message is full of hope and faith that the great deliberative bodies in Washington still work. I once had the same passion, but I’ve become an old cynic who sees no orderly path to redemption for Congress. More likely we will see ever worse behavior by Congress followed by a messy upheaval… Real economic crisis, social unrest, unchecked military adventurism and Executive Orders by the President (since that’s so much easier than trying to work with Congress) and in a worst case scenario, something approaching revolution, just more subtle.

    But I think I like your optimism better, so what time Saturday?

  2. I should probably move your replies, but I don’t have enough time right now.

    The organizers are encouraging people to be at the Capitol Reflecting Pool on 3rd Street N.W. (across from the Museum of the American Indian) at 10 a.m. However, the march to the Washington Monument supposedly starts at 11 a.m.

    See you there, Dean.

    I’ll be the cute one. Or maybe the young one, the old one, the black one, the brown one, the tall one, the short one, or some other one.

    But probably not the one you approach 🙂

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