Thanks …

no strings attached

Hi everyone! I’m still on schedule to begin publishing With Apologies Mr. Dickens this Friday, November 30th. I’m excited and looking forward to that, and I hope you’ll enjoy the story. Before I post it online, however, I would like to take a moment to thank two people for their help and assistance with my little holiday tale.

Tom was the first to review and comment on it months ago and has continued to respond to my many questions and requests for advice. He’s saved me from a lot of mistakes, both in form and substance. He’s been a big help, a good counselor, and a terrific source of support for a long time, both with this story and Connected. More than that, he’s been a friend and I appreciate his encouragement and support.

Thanks Tom!


IOMfAtS (aka It’s Only Me From Across The Sea) read the story more recently when I was still trying to decide whether it was worth sharing with you. He offered welcomed comments and support, and encouraged me to go forward despite my concerns. I think he’ll be surprised with the changes that resulted from his comments, especially toward the end of the story

IOMfAtS has his own web site that hosts many terrific stories. You’ll be well rewarded if you decide to visit it and read some of them.

Don’t hold either of these dudes responsible for any spelling or other errors you may find with the story. It’s a far better story because of their help, but both of them reviewed earlier versions and it’s changed a lot since they took a look. Moreover, I’ll be rewriting up to the moment I post a chapter online so they can’t help very much when I do something like that.

They’re also not to blame if you don’t like the story.

I’m the only one to hold responsible for that.


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