Chapter 48

I’ve posted Chapter 48. In this chapter, having finally learned about Tommy’s background during the course of dinner with Nolan and Josh, Andy goes back to the office. He tries to think through how to approach what’s he learned with Tommy.

These next three chapters will reveal how he does and all of the consequences that follow from that. In many ways they almost complete the story for those of you focused primarily on the boys rather than the larger political tale, which are the focus of the final two chapters.

As I mentioned last week, I have friends here with me so there just isn’t very much time to devote to the blog or polishing this and the next two chapters. But since you may find this chapter a little puzzling, I would just say this. At one point I had planned to write a sequel to Connected that, while continuing the story of our four main characters, would also focus more attention on some of the other characters we’ve met along the way like Danny, Sean and Teddy.

I’m no longer planning to do that. However, this chapter was written originally as a way of introducing you a bit more to Teddy and Sean, especially Teddy. I thought about dropping it entirely or trying to merge part of it with the next chapter. But I didn’t really have the time to do that so I’ve kept the chapter after doing some rewriting in an effort to put the attention more on Andy and Tommy. Like I said, you may find it puzzling or unnecessary so I apologize for that in advance. I’m not happy with it, but it is what it is and hopefully next week’s chapter will be better.

As always, please feel free to share any comments you have at the end of the chapter using the guidelines I outlined here (or whatever works for you); or you can always send me an e-mail to let me know what you think. Have fun reading. I hope you enjoy Chapter 48.


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